[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 267, July 5, 2011

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01.  YoWindows
02.  M86 Secure Browsing
03.  Browser Chooser
04.  Menu Uninstaller
05.  Safelook
06.  Fetch.Io
07.  DirecTransFile
08.  Toolbar Cleaner
09.  TrayStatus

01. YOWINDOW at http://yowindow.com displays your current weather as if you're looking out your window. Choose village, seaside, or airport landscape. No download is necessary unless you want the view as a screensaver.

02. M86 SECURE BROWSING is a browser plug-in that displays security icons next to links on search engines and social networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn, so you'll know which pages are safe and which ones to avoid. Download free at http://www.m86security.com/securebrowsing/ .

03. BROWSER CHOOSER lets you choose what browser to open a link in for any given task. Download free at http://browserchooser.codeplex.com/ .

04. MENU UNINSTALLER. Rather than going to the Control Panel "add-remove" applet, select the software shortcut icon referring to the program orapplication you wish to remove, do a right-click and choose "Uninstall" and the software is uninstalled. Download free at http://sites.google.com/site/leizersoftware/home .

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NNT Premium subscribers read about these goodies in the latest issue: Translate almost any text between 58 languages and pronounce 34 languages; combine the best of Chrome and Firefox in a browser without the bloat; try a general purpose file manager that zips, unzips, creates animated gifs, convertsfiles, and more; quickly paste in a clipboard utility with predefined text, using hotkeys; create self-destructing email to protect confidentiality; host online meetings and presentations and provide remote assistance to others; backup and synchronize with a prtable general purpose utility; change desktop icons for better identification of folders and files; remap your keyboard; convert image files to PDF and collate photos into a catalog, and more; take pieces of your favorite Web sites and put them on your desktop; quickly switch sound on and off; disable unwanted system processes to get maximum computer performance; get in touch with 200 performance archves from the golden age of TV; read mini-reviews; and, more, including a report on a very neat free image application.

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05. SAFELOOK offers a security feature to protect you against malware while you are surfing the Web. Download free at
http://www.seventhknight.com/safelook/ .

06. FETCH.IO at http://fetch.io/ dpwnloads at fast transfer speeds, automatically extracts files so they can be streamed instantly or encoded to play on mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad or Apple TV/XBox.

07. DIRECTRANSFILE allows you to transfer files or directories through the Internet directly from user to user. It requires no installation, registration, or file uploading into storage servers. Download free at http://www.directransfile.com/index.php/en/ .

08. TOOLBAR CLEANER is a simple and fast way to remove toolbars for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Download free at http://toolbarcleaner.com/ .

09. TRAYSTATUS resides in the System Tray and shows the status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Alt key, Ctrl key, Shift key, Windows key, and hard drive activity with current speed. Download free at http://www.binaryfortress.com/TrayStatus/ .

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