[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 266, June 20, 2011

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01.  ETXT
02.  Quux Player
03.  DM2
04.  7Capture
05.  Wuick Clean
06.  ShapeShifter
07.  Enso Words
08.  Switchr
09.  JukeRec

In the current issue 241 of Neat Net Tricks Premium you'll read about an application built right into Windows that translates in 50 languages at the touch of a key; an easy image viewer with a graphics and video editor to give you all you need to manage your images; a standalone flash/video player; a program that optimizes your PDF files and merges, encrypts, and previews them; genealogy software with a ton of features; an all-in-one tool that converts audio files into formats of your choice; an application that recovers lost/forgotten passwords stored by your Web browser; software described as a "mini Photoshop"; another that creates a virtual encrypted disk for your PC or PDA; a screen capture program with multiple editing capabilities; parental control software; an application that secures your computer disk and makes it invisible by locking it with a password; and, much more to include our featured article comparing Web browsers. All of the software is free.

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01. ETXT. With this program you can encrypt your text notes and share them on the Internet or by email. You can also convert normal .txt files to encrypted text. Only those with ETXT can read the encrypted text. Download free at http://www.rcpsoft.net/etxt.html.

02. QUUX PLAYER lets you switch between music stored on your computer and streaming Internet radio stations. Playlists and filters organize your music collections. Download free at http://www.quuxplayer.com/ .

03. DM2 enhances your Windows with floating icons that free your task bar and tray bar space. With it, you can manipulate Windows a number of ways as explained with a free download at http://dm2.sourceforge.net/.

04. 7CAPTURE does a quality screen capture regardless of your Windows version, degree of transpaency, etc., and then allows you to export the capture as a PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP image. Download free at http://www.7capture.com/ .

05. QUICK CLEAN will clean all the junk files on your Windows 7 or Vista PC. Download free at http://www.thewindowsclub.com/clean-junk-files-in-windows-7-vista-with-quick-clean .

* * * *

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06. SHAPESHIFTER is yet another clipboard manager that allows multiple items in your Clipboard from which you can easily swap among them. Download free at http://flamefusion.net/software/shapeshifter/ .

07. ENSO WORDS spell checks just about any application and works with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Download free at http://www.humanized.com/enso/words/ .

08. SWITCHR is a free online audio file conversion at http://switchr.net/ . It turns any audio file into a different audio file type, including iPhone ringtones, with just a few clicks.

09. JUKEREC records and plays back online recording studios from its own playlist or stations you designate, either manually or for a specified time interval. Download free at http://www.jukerec.com/ .


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