[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 258, March 3, 2011

  • From: "Jack Teems" <jteems@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2011 15:26:54 -0700


01.  Nemo
02.  Facebook Password Decryptor
03.  Utodo
04.  Tweaknow Power Pack 2010
05.  Dooble Web Browser
06.  Autosensitivity
07.  M8
08.  360Amigo
09.  Trashmail

01. NEMO. An innovative way to manage files, Nemo maps documents, images, and other files into a calendar- like view and integrates with Windows Desktop Search, adds labels on top of the current folder structure, works with a wide range of files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc., and works with Windows
XP to Windows 7 and Linux.  Download free at http://www.nemo-docs.com/ .

02. FACEBOOK PASSWORD DECRYPTOR recovers Facebook account passwords stored by popular web browsers and messengers. It's a portable application than can be run anywhere without installing, and it works either from a
GUI interface or command line.  Download free at
http://www.securityxploded.com/facebookpassworddecryptor.php#About_GPD .

03. UTODO manages task lists and assigns multiple tags to them, filters and groups tags using hotkeys or mouse clicks, and uses the tags to assign contexts and carry out tasks. uToDo can be installed on a USB flash drive and tasks can be printed on configurable desktop post-it-notes. Download free at
http://www.veetosoft.com/uTodo.html .

04. TWEAKNOW POWER PACK 2010 is a set of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer's operating system and Web browser. It includes a Registry cleaner module, more than 100 hidden Windows settings, virtual desktop module, and detailed information about hardware, including motherboard, processor, video card, hard disk, and network. Download free at http://www.tweaknow.com/PowerPackTour.php .

* * * *

Our Premium subscribers read in the latest issue of Neat Net Tricks Premium about: A site that searches the Internet and plays music and videos to your liking; a way to run hundreds of apps anywhere without installing them; a service to convert your telephone number to a disposable link for added privacy on social networks and forums; an easy photo editing program that features a viewer and editor and lets you attach multiple photos, create animated photos, and lots more; an application to scan your computer and repair broken shortcuts; a way to spruce up your Windows desktop; a neat way to categorize, sort, and share files, folders, documents, and bookmarks; a Web browser that is quick, easy to use, and has no confusing menus and toolbars; a full-featured email program that is also a personal time keeper, event scheduler, and calendar; an easy-to-use application to fix minor imperfections in your images; and, lots more, to include our discussion of a new way we may have to opt out and protect our personal information, but some skepticism that it will work.

If this sounds interesting and you haven't yet subscribed to NNT Premium, for just $12 you can get that issue
and 23 more in the next year at http://www.neatnettricks.com/store .

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05. DOOBLE WEB BROWSER. If you're ready to try yet another browser, this one at http://dooble.sourceforge.net/ is open source (free) and offers as its primary purpose the safeguarding of
your privacy.

06. AUTOSENSITIVITY. If you sometimes use a mouse and other times use a touchpad, you know that each has its quirks. This application allows you to configure different settings for each, and they automatically kick in with the preferred settings whenever you connect or disconnect the mouse. Download free at
http://autosensitivity.codeplex.com/ .

07. M8 is a clipboard utility that allows you to store up to 25 clips and access them by accessing the application with a hotkey, pasting any of the clips by typing the letter next to it, or viewing it as a thumbnail (if graphic) or text. Download free at http://m8software.com/clipboards/freeclip/freeclip.htm .

08. 360AMIGO detects and removes unused files that were created from faulty software installs/uninstalls, optimizes Windows for faster startups, stops malicious processes, cleans traces of online history, and otherwise improves PC performance. Download free at http://www.360amigo.com/ .

09. TRASHMAIL. Disposable email addresses are always handy to prevent exposing your real address when posting in a public place. Just give your real address at https://ssl.trashmail.net/ and the number of times you want mail forwarded to you using the generated disposable address. When that limit is reached, the
address is gone forever.


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