[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 251, October 16, 2010

  • From: Jack Teems <jteems@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 7:55:32 -0700


01.  File Searcher
02.  Toddler Keys
03.  Envelope Print
04.  Markup
05.  Windows Double Explorer
06.  PrintFile
07.  Email Oracle
08.  BetterPrivacy
09.  JonDo

Try an application that lets you access sites and fill forms with a single 
click.  You create and safely store and recall an unlimited number of 
passwords.  It's been downloaded 32 million times. You can have it at a 
discount just for reading about it at 

* * * * *

01.  FILE SEARCHER, as the name implies, searches any type of file for any 
given expression or standard string.  Download free at 
http://www.mariussoft.com/Products.aspx?Product=FileSearcher .

02.  TODDLER KEYS protects your computer from little fingers.  You can lock 
your keyboard, CD drive doors, and power-off button, preventing access to your 
desktop and applications, while entertaining the "intruder" with images and 
sounds of your choice. Download free at http://tk.ms11.net/ .

03.  ENVELOPE PRINT.  Print your #10 envelopes with this program.  Maintain a 
sorted address book.  The developer offers to do this for you at no charge, 
otherwise if your address book has 1,000 addresses, he will only charge "a 
couple bucks".  Download free at http://www.yasdc.com/ .

04.  MARKUP places a bookmarklet on your browser to enable you to draw or write 
on any Web page and share your work with others.  It requires no downloading or 
installing software and you can get the bookmarklet free at http://markup.io/# .

* * * *

Get lots more -- and different -- tips such as these in an ad-free format with 
eye-catching graphics and special added features in Neat Net Tricks Premium, 
just $12 for a full year of 24 issues.  Get a free one to see what we're 
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05.  WINDOWS DOUBLE EXPLORER opens two or more Explorer windows for better 
management with drag-and-drop and for quicker access.  Compatible with Windows 
7 only.  Download free at http://wde.codeplex.com/ .

06.  PRINTFILE, a free download at http://www.lerup.com/printfile/, facilitates 
faster and easier printing with normal file selection or dag-and-drop.  It can 
act as a print spooler and watch for/print specified directories and print a 
file whenever it appears in that directory. It's a paper saver and recognizes 
plain text, PostScript, EPS, and binary formats.

07.  EMAIL ORACLE tracks who has opened your email by embedding a specil image 
in the body of the email. It issues a reminder when your email hasn't been 
answered within your specified time. Compatible as a plugin to Firefox, Chrome, 
and Safari.  Download free at https://emailoracle.com/ .

08.  BETTER PRIVACY.  There is a new cookie making the rounds.  These are 
hidden and never expire and are placed in central system folders protected from 
deletion.  BetterPrivacy is a Firefox add on the deal with this type cookie at 
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6623/ .

09.  JONDO makes your connection annonymous by using a proxy server so that 
others can't see where you are coming from.  Download the free version at 
http://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/en/software.html . A premium account offers 
more features.


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