[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 231, January 3, 2010

  • From: Jack Teems <jteems@xxxxxxx>
  • To: neatnettricks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 16:57:56 -0800


01.  Language Analyzer
02.  Passworg
03.  Scenegrabber,net
04.  Genu
05.  Injured Pixels
06.  Free PC Inventory
07.  Tagscanner
08.  Fix WMP Utility
09.  Grooveshark

01.  LANGUAGE ANALYZER.  Just copy and paste whatever text snippet you come 
across on Web pages or blogs, and this service at 
http://henrikfalck.com/languageanalyzer/ will advise you what language it's in.

02.  PASSWORG allows you to create any number of random, unique, and highly 
secure passwords and then advises you of the password strength and ways you can 
increase their security.  Download free at http://passworg.badhim.com/ .

03.  SCENEGRABBER.NET lets you grab frames from a movie amd join them in a 
single jpg image. It supports a wide range of movie formats and settings can be 
configured.  Download free at http://www.scenegrabber.net/index.html .

04.  GENI.  For those who have started working on their family tree or are 
intrigued to do so, Geni may be a good start at http://www.geni.com/tree/start 
.  It's free and you can invite those you want to share with in a private and 
secure site.

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05.  INJURED PIXELS allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on 
LCD monitors. No installation is required, just download for free at 
http://www.hellogramming.com/injuredpixels and run the program.

06.  FREE PC INVENTORY lists hardware components and software programs 
installed in your system, very useful if you're searching for a driver or other 
application.  It can be run from removable storage and, as a portable 
application, requires no installation.  Download free at 
http://www.networkmosaic.com/network-inventory-software.html .

07.  TAGSCANNER organizes and manages your mustic collection by editing tags of 
most audio formats, transforming text from tags and file names to generate 
tags, getting album info from online databases, exporting playlists, and so on. 
 Download free at http://www.xdlab.ru/en/index.htm .

08.  FIX WMP UTILITY.  If you're running into problems using Windows Media 
Player, run this free download at 
to reregister more than 40 DLL files required for WMP to run smoothly.

09.  GROOVESHARK provides free music online, Internet radio, and free MP3 
streaming.  Free if you don't mind unobtrusive ads, otherwise you can pay $3 a 
month to remove them at http://listen.grooveshark.com/ .


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