[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 208, February 1, 2009

  • From: Jack Teems <jteems@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 12:18:29 -0800

01.  EMPATHY allows you to password-protect any executable file. Only a person 
knowing the password will be allowed to run the protected program. Protected 
files stay protected if you copy them to another location or even to another 
computer, no matter which operating system they use. Empathy allows you to 
protect potentially dangerous programs against running by an unauthorized 
person. You can use it to protect executable files in public places like 
schools, internet coffees or even homes. Download free at 
http://migeel.sk/projects/empathy/ but use with caution.  As with any 
passwords, if you forget them, you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

02.  BRUSHSTER at http://www.nga.gov/kids/zone/brushster.htm is an online 
painting machine that includes more than 40 brushes and customizable size, 
transparency, texture, and stroke options. A rainbow palette, along with a 
toolbox of special effects that blur, ripple, smudge, blend, and fragment your 
designs help make BRUSHster a full-feature painting program. It can also be 
placed on automatic pilot to generate paintings for you.

03.  SAAVVII FOR MICROSOFT WORD is a free plug-in that allows you to tell Word 
what you want, in your own way, in your own words. It frees you from having to 
memorize menus and toolbars - just type in what you want, in your own words, 
and Word will do it. Download at 
http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Saavvii_for_Microsoft_Word/1188965129/1 .

04.  ECOFONT provides a font that will use up to 20% less ink on a laser 
printer.  It works best with Open Office, AppleWorks, or Microsoft Office 2007. 
 Download free at http://www.ecofont.eu/english.html .

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05.  ALLOFF monitors the mouse, keyboard and CPU load and initiates computer 
shutdown if there has been no keyboard or mouse activity and the average CPU 
load has been below the threshold set for the specified time. This program 
could come in handy if you want to turn your computer off after it's done 
ripping a DVD, downloading a video, or doing some other task while you're away 
or asleep. You need to register for a license to use AllOff, but it's free for 
non-commercial use. Download at 
http://www.jsutils.com/software/alloff/index.htm .

06.  LETTERWHIZ at http://www.letterwhiz.com/ offers a multitude of 
professionally written, fully customizable letter templates for all occasions.

07.  PCWIN SPEAKER RECORD takes everything you hear from your speakers and 
saves it to MP3 or WAV files.  Click "start recording" and "stop recording" as 
you wish, and play back CD quality saved files on any media player that's part 
of your computer.  Download free at http://www.frontierdg.com/default.aspx .

08.  WIPEE LIST.  Now, maybe they could have improved on the name, but at least 
the program at http://wipeelist.com/ is free and that, so they say, is all it 
takes for people to sign up, even if it is "the worst piece of software on the 
planet" (which they say it isn't.)  Make your list.  Check it twice (you know, 
like Santa does).

09.  JAXTR lets you call anyone, anywhere, on your phone for free (at least for 
now) at http://www.jaxtr.com/user/index.jsp .


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