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Thanks to those of you who took the time to write regarding my ramblings in the last issue. You may recall I was thinking about concentrating on one topic per issue. That issue was about image editing on the Web and, continuing with single topics, this issue will be devoted to storing and sharing (or not) your data online.

If you like this idea of a single topic per issue, or you'd rather see future issues have more diversity of subject material, I'm waiting to hear from you. Email me at jteems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . (If you're reading this issue on the Archive, the blocked out "XXXXX" for my email address is "neatnettricks.com.") It's always a pleasure to hear from you.

Now, about online storage. Many find this way of backing up their hard drive intriguing. You don't need the expense of an external hard drive, backup software, and other media. There are many services that will let you do just that, for free. The limits imposed, usually not more than 5 GB and typically 100 MB maximum for the size of each file uploaded to the remote site are quite reasonable. For those who need more remote storage, it's usually available at a modest charge. As with any backup strategy you have, typically you only backup what can't be replaced. such as important documents, photos, etc. There's little sense in backing up programs that can be reinstalled in the event you must replace your hard drive.

But there's another facet with online storage. Most of these services allow you to share your files, so that instead of sending Aunt Sally a humongous email containing your vacation photos, simply upload them to a site and send her the link (perhaps a password if you want to restrict access).

The downside with all this is that we must question how long "free" of anything will last. You might very well feel secure that all your data is neatly backed up on some remote site, only to awaken the next morning to a fried hard drive and find the site no longer in existence and your data lost forever, a scary thought indeed. For this reason alone, some will expend the effort to duplicate backups on two or more remote sites.

Anyway, check these links out.  At least for now, the price is right.



01. JOOCE at http://jooce.com provides a private online desktop with public file sharing capabilities where you can store your stuff (files, photos, music, and video) online and share it as you wish with others.

02. DIARY.COM at http://diary.com provides a similar service allowing you to create a private diary with text, files, photos, videos and Web links and share them as you wish with friends.

03. SHOW DOCUMENT.COM. Launch or join a free synchronized document collaboration session. Upload a document and invire your friends to view it with you at http://www.showdocument.com/ .

04. SNAP DRIVE at http://www.snapdrive.net/ is another convenient storage for your files with a free registration for up to 5 GB. You can upload up to five files at a time and they are backed up daily, do not expire, and can be made public or private with password protection. Hotlinking is allowed along with a full file manager and full-featured file hosting.

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05. WEBMARKERS at http://www.webmarkers.net/ provides free secure and remote storage for documents thats are converted into PDF files that can be printed out or shared between computers.

06. RST2A at http://rst2a.com/ lets you create a document in plain text, organize and style it as you wish, then share it in plain text, HTML, or PDF format.

07. 4SHARED at http://www.4shared.com/ provides 5 GB of free space into which you can upload and share a single file or entire folder.

08. DRIVE HEADQUARTERS at http://www.drivehq.com provides 1 GB of free space along with automatic backup, restore, and remote email.

09. FILE HOSTING AND SHARING SITES. And with the slim possibility that this issue hasn't provided enough online storage sites for you, there are more than 80 such sites listed at http://mashable.com/2007/07/28/online-storage/ and you can shop for the one best for your needs.

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Two ideas for your stocking stuffers this upcoming holiday season:

http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs065/1101458487892/archive/1102289176479.html (but you'd better hurry -- this one ends November 30!


Give these to your friends; but be kind to yourself as well!

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