[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 199, October 21, 2008

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What's the difference in an ad and a report? If you subscribe to the Premium (paid) version or have purchased one or more NNT archives on CD, you likely received a report about my experiences with a great screen capture utility, CaptureWizPro (if not, your address may be incorrect in my database; if so, let me know at jteems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ) .

If you missed that report, you can view it here: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs065/1101458487892/archive/1102289176479.html .

I call it a report, you may call it an ad. It's an ad in the sense that it is promoting something for sale, and, granted, if you buy the product I'll make a few meager dollars with which to help defray expenses in producing Neat Net Tricks. At the same time, you'll save yourself 20% as a NNT reader.

But, as a report, I hope the information will be helpful to you in calling to your attention one of the slicker pieces of software that's available today. In the report, I said I had used that program for four years, and I do -- daily. It's not going to make the morning coffee for you and, in fact, if you are not interested in easily capturing and managing any of the rich graphics, video, and audio that abound on the Web today, it may just not be your cup of tea. But for the other 99% of you, I don't think you can beat this application.

As you surf the Web, you just can't avoid ads. They pay the freight, so to speak, in making a lot of value available to you in a mouse click. But, rest assured, when I tell you I've tried something and like it, you can take that to the bank. If you explore all those programs the NNT Software Review Panel has written about since 2003 ( http://www.NeatNetTricks.com/SoftwareReviews ) you'll see some good ones, but you'll also see junk.

CaptureWizPro is not junk and it fills a real niche. I appreciate all those readers who have taken the time to write me about their experiences with this little jewel.

Now, on with the show and another batch of goodies you might like to try.



* * * * *

01. DLL-FILES.COM at http://www.dll-files.com/ provides free downloads of DLL files when your computer is ailing.

02. DRIVE SPACIO for Windows XP/Vista is a free download at http://www.drivespacio.f-sw.com/ . It shows all drive information (file system, size, free space, allocated space, cluster size, etc.) and provides a graphical representation of folders and file sizes in pie and bar charts.

03. FILZMAIL is another disposable email address service at http://www.filzmail.com . Your temporary email address self-destructs in 24 hours but can be extended.

04. MOVAVI ONLINE VIDEO CONVERTER at http://online.movavi.com/ requires no download, converts videos to various formats, and even merges all videos into one large movie.

05. DUKADIAL. Call anywhere within North America free at http://labs.jaduka.com/dukaDial .

06. TINYMAIL.ME. Don't expose your email address in forums, classified ads, and other public spots. Generate a short email link for that purpose at http://tinymail.me/ .

07. FINANCIAL FATE is free planning software that forecasts individual and family future cash flows, financial position, and impact of financial decisions. Download at http://www.financialfate.com/ .

08. DOOBLET at http://dooblet.com/ is not your ordinary search engine. It helps you find alternatives to everything.

09. AERONET provides yet another bandwidth speed test at http://speedtest.aeronetpr.com/ . This one looks promising.


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