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You may wonder why this, the first issue of the free Neat Net Tricks after a long hiatus, is numbered 192. Well, the last free issue several years ago was 191, so it's logical to pick up where we left off. Enjoy!

01. MUSIC TO MY EARS. Lyricsfly at http://lyricsfly.com/ searches for artist, song, album, or lyrics for your favorite tune. It claims a database of 500,000 but that wasn't enough to satisfy my strict test. I always enter one search phrase in sites such as this. That phrase is "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch". That really is a song, albeit an old one, and Lyricsfly couldn't find it. (By the way, if I've whetted your appetite and you just must have those lyrics, they are at http://lyricsplayground.com/alpha/songs/i/imalonelylittlepetuniainanonionpatch.shtml .)

If Lyricsfly's half million tunes aren't enough for you, how about Jogli? It claims 12 million albums and one-half billion songs. With Jogli, you search for music at http://www.jogli.com/#home , watch the accompanying video and lyrics while listening to the performance, and save favorite selections and performers in a playlist. Jogli's database was large enough to actually list that onion in a petunia patch, but after hearing it again, I'd like to forget it. I'm certain it never made it to number one in the hit parade, but if you're curious as to which one was at the top of the charts the day you were born, wonder no more. You'll find that at http://www.joshhosler.biz/numberOneInHistory/selectMonth.htm .

And if you're intent to search for more music downloads from all over the Internet, try Wuzam at http://www.wuzam.com/ .

02. A SLICK SEARCH. Like many others, I head straight for Google if I need to search for something on the Web. Because of its huge database, I'm likely to find anything I'm looking for, even when the search is posed as a thought-provoking question such as "What is the meaning of life?" or "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?" (Before the Web came into my life, I was clueless.) But every now and then a refreshing search engine comes along and if your search involves an artist, band, movie, director, or actor, Liveplasma is a real treat at http://liveplasma.com/ .

03. ABBYME. Add media files from Abby's library or your own files, add messages on line, schedule your calls, and let Abby make your call free at http://www.abbyme.com/ .

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04. VACATION PHOTOS. I've long since retired my old camera in favor of its digital successor and I can't remember when I bought the last roll of film. There's just one big problem with digital cameras and that's with those who insist on emailing humongous photos that haven't been optimized. Please remember that few of us delight in downloading a 3 MB photo of Aunt Matilda when just a little effort could reduce that file to a much more emailable 30 KB or so.

My all-time favorite editor to do this is Irfanview. It's only a 1.25 MB free download at http://www.irfanview.com/ and so simple to operate. Just open an image in it, then go to "Image" and "Resize/Resample" to choose a smaller Aunt Matilda, save it and email it to a much happier recipient.

Of course there are lots of other free graphics editors on the Web. You might like to experiment with Softcolor, an online tool at http://www.improveyourimages.com/ , or Picjuice at http://www.picjuice.com with which you can upload an image, resize, crop, rotate, flip, and adjust its contrast and color levels. Another good one is Image Resizer, a free download at http://www.vso-software.fr/products/image_resizer/ . Image Resizer, as the name implies, resizes images; but more than that, it changes their formats, edits large numbers of image files with a batch image resize, changes file names, and even adds your own watermark with transparency support. Another program, Photo Gadget, integrates with Windows Explorer so that you can right click on any image file and resize it using a new menu option, "Photo Gadget Picture Resize". It's compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP and supports JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, and TGA. The download is free at http://www.xemico.com/photogadget/freeware.html .

After you optimize your photos your hard drive will still fill up fast (particularly if you retain the originals as well so you need to consider a place to store them. Might I suggest Humyo, offering free 30 GB of remote storage at http://www.humyo.com/pages/en/online-file-storage . Or, Fumpr that allows you to select an image and it will host it for you, providing a download link, an embed link, a share link, and a "post to a forum link". Fumpr is free at http://fumpr.com .

05. JUST WEIRD. Every now and then something comes across my desktop that I can't figure out. This one is really simple and I should be able to do it but, well you be the judge. It only takes a minute at http://www.dysan.net/weird/show/47.html .

06. SIMPLY NOISE. Ah, the versatility of the Web. If you have too much barking dog next door or the neighbors are party animals, just hop over to http://simplynoise.com/ and mask it all with white noise. Sleep soundly.

07. PRIVNOTE. Post a note at https://privnote.com/ and send the link to the person you want to read it. As soon as the message is read, it will self-destruct. A lot of folks in public life probably wish they had used this one.

08. WRAPPING UP. I suppose by now you have correctly surmised that this free edition of NNT has passed the 1,000-subscriber mark and it did, in 8 days, on its way to recapturing the 100,000 circulation it once held (well, I can think big, can't I)? Unlike the Premium (paid) issue of Neat Net Tricks, the controls on this edition are fairly much on automatic pilot and you can manage your own subscription, to include address changes (please DO keep them current). How to do it all is contained in the info you can get by sending email to neatnettricks-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and stating simply "info" (without the quotation marks) in the subject line of your email. If you have a problem or just want to comment about NNT, I can be reached at jteems@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

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See you next issue!


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