[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Forum Has Been Replaced

  • From: "Jack Teems" <jteems@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <neatnettricks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 06:43:53 -0700

The Neat Net Tricks Forum at 
http://www.topfreeforum.com/forum/?mforum=neatnettricks is closing.  This is 
due to thousands of spam bots that have populated the board as the result of 
inadequate user registrations.  The Forum has been replaced with a much better 
one, with many new and improved features and a better registration procedure.  
It continues to be a free service of Neat Net Tricks and we hope you will find 
it as useful as the 8,000 or so humans who have made the old Forum a source for 
assistance and information since 2005.  Please go now to 
 for more details and register on the New NNT Forum.  Hope to see you there 



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