[USS Vanguard] ...you just pray it doesn't go over you.

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 19:27:01 +0100

Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Galinia-4.
Time: After "Where the manure meets the windmill..." (Steve).

Subject: ...you just pray it doesn't go over you.

Well after a somewhat stressful day, thank you Jonathon for providing me
with a post that made me both laugh and smile. The best thing to destress if
you ask me. Thank you.

And while I think about it, moving to Manchester? You're on my doorstep know
you know! I live in Cheadle Hulme and work in Stockport. It's about 30
minutes on a train from the centre of Manchester. Perhaps I'll see you

Oh, and welcome Kent. Feel free to step on everyone's toes but mine ;) Heh
only joking. Don't worry about using any of our characters. Just jump right
in and go for it.


  [Snip from "Where the manure meets the windmill..." (Steve)]
    "Stay where you are, StarFleet!" he barked, waving the blade 
    menacingly, but with some sign that he knew how to use it, and 
    took a step closer to the refugees. "I'm not interested in you, 
    but these people are coming with me to the Korda Ma'Kee, as 
    Prisoners of War - you will not interfere!"

    *Oh hell.* He thought, and wondered how he was going to get out 
    of this...
  [End Snip]

  Cynan jumped down from a ledge above door and landed on the soft 
  gravel path behind the soldier.

  "Hey", he said tapping the soldier on his shoulder.

  When the soldier turned around he was greeted by Cynan's fist.

  "Ow! That hurt!", Cynan exclaimed shaking his hand in the air.

  "You took your time. Is the other sector clear?", Kieran asked.

  "It is now. The soldiers that were there are coming this way after 
   me!", Cynan hurriedly replied and watched the refugees run for 

  "Here!", Cynan said picking up the solders fallen sword and 
  chucking it over to Kieran, as he reached behind his back and 
  unshielded his own. Kieran caught it in one hand and then span it 
  to gauge its feel. 

  "Not bad, but I'd prefer my modified tonfas".

  "Hey, it's better then nought. Let the good times roll!"

  The two placed their backs together and prepared for the rush.

[To Be Continued...]

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