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Lt. Highwaij
Following: Familiy Matters
USS Vanguard Bridge

Highwaij had alway's hated saying goodbye to people, this time their Captain
whould leave, but he whould return
but still he didn't like it. This new Captain how whould he be, what whould
he be like.
Slowly he sawthe shuttle move out from Shuttlebay Two as he watched it from
one of the monitors on the bridge

On of the reasons he like the bridge was it felt good to be there,
he had time to think about his last mission how he almost had failed and
risked the live of not only him, but also Jazz
whom was with him, and even his crewmembers whom where still on the Vanguard
and the prisoners, perhaps he should take some
training again, see if he whould still be able to some missions like
infiltrating on Romulus or crossing a desert with a minimum on food and
water or
other nessesary equipmend.

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