[USS Vanguard] soul Searching

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  • Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 11:40:50 -0700 (PDT)

She'ra sat in front of Highwaij and tried to take in
all that he had 
told her. Her mind started racing. She hated feeling
so helpless and 
alone. She would make it very important to strangle
Cyan if they got 
through this.  She got up without saying anything.

Highwaij: What are you going to do She'ra?
She'ra:  I don't know. I don't know if I can keep
reaching out to 
him.... I'm not accustomed to 
Highwaij: Don't
She'ra: I said that i don't know!

She'ra felt an arm holding her and she swung around.

Highwaij: Please don't give up on him. you have to
understand what he's 
going through.
She'ra: Understand!? you want me to understand?! how
am I supposed to 
understand when I don't know what in the hell is going

She'ra swung out of his grasp and headed for the door.

--a few mins later---

she sat in her quarters with her packed bag infront of
her.  She needed to see him.. She had a lot to clera 
up with him.  She stuck the sword back in it's casing
and stuck it in the bag.  she then picked it up and
swung it over her shoulders and headed out.

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan


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