[USS Vanguard] snipers

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LTJG Lukas Miller

Mandrake led half a dozen townsfolk, Shar, Nostrova and Kavan as they
entered each building, located the raiders and demanded their

As Mandrake marched the four or five raiders (and single Breen) to the
center of town, Santos looked at Josiah and smiled.
<end snip> 

Lukas started to walk back to where Santos and everybody was standing.
he saw that every thing had started to quiet down. he took a look around
and really saw the destruction for the first time. there were windows
broken, bullet holes every where and bodies sprawled behind polls,
building corners and in the middle of the street. then he saw something.
it mite have been a man but Luke was not positive. it was in the IR so
it could be anything, from a person to a heater. Lukas did not want to
alarm anyone so he went to check it out. he walked to an old house that
looked like it mite collapse at any time. he found that a side door had
been kicked open. Luke quietly walked up the stairs and at the top
turned left. he walked along a narrow hallway towards a half open door.
he looked through and saw a raider setting up a rifle and looking down
at everyone. Luke started to bring up his Breen phaser rifle when all
hell broke loose. the first thing was a louder then life roar. Luke had
no idea what that was, but he knew he heard more phaser and rifle fire
from the street. he heard Santos yell 
"Take cover! Take cover!"
Time had run out, there was no choice. Luke shot the man in the back of
the head. he ran to the open window and looked out side. the near piece
from a few minutes ago had gong. in it's place was a chaotic seen of
bullets flying and people diving behind cover Luke looked as left as he
could and saw only the most advanced enemies. he aimed and took out 1...
2... and 3 of them before he could not see any more. 


OOC: who is going to save everyone? Lets get the mission going again!!

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