[USS Vanguard] relaxing....trying

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  • Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 10:30:32 -0700 (PDT)

She'ra sat in her quarters and looked at the blades. 
She really needed to get over this.  She got up and
dressed in her boxing gear and headed for the
holodeck.  She walked into the holodeck and looked
around. she then slumped to the ground.

She'ra: Computer, activate She'ra Beta.

there was a beep and the boxing ring appeared. A huge
klingon turned and walked over to her.

She'ra: Hey Si'mon.
Si'mon: You back to reek havock again?
She'ra: {Smiling} No, this time I here to reek revenge
on men.

Si'mon held up his hand in surrender laughing.

Si'mon: Then i guess I'd better get out of here then.
She'ra: Don't worry Si, I won't hurt you..Well not
badly anyways
Si'mon: Gee thanks Khan. Ready for a round?
She'ra: Yeah, do me up?

She'ra held out her gloved hand to Si'mon.  She hardly
felt the tug as the huge hands wrapped hers in
leather.  She felt a tap oon her cheek and when she
came back to reality he was looking at her worriedly.

Si'mon: You ok She'ra?
She'ra: Yeah.
Si'mon: You're lying She'ra but I won't push you.

She'ra hugged him and smiled behind his back.

She'ra: Thanks. Now, {pushing out of his arms} I'm
ready to kick your butt!

Si'mon laughed and held her around the waiste as they
walked to the ring.  As she steppped under the ropes
that he had held up for her she began prancing around
trying to shake the kinks out of her muscles.

Si'mon: Ok She'ra, kick my butt!
She'ra: Don't mind if i do..

She'ra aim a punch at his head and immediately she
sees Cynan.  Si'mon ducked and attacked.  She'ra
wasn't fast enough and the fist connected with her
cheek. She went flying to the ground. Si'mon walked
over to her and knelt.

Si'mon: She'ra you aren't concentrating. Normally that
would never have caught you.

He stuck his hand out and helped her up.

Si'mon: Come on she'ra concentrate.

She'ra put her hands up to protect her face then
attacked Si'mon's Lowere body working away at his
ribs, then she growled as she saw Cynan's face again
and punched Si'mon in the forehead. He went slamming
into the ground.  She'ra shook her head and ran over
to him. She knelt down and watched as Si'mon shook his
head as if to clear it.

She'ra: Sorry.
Si'mon: Something is definately bothering you.
She'ra: I gatta go.

She'ra helped him up.

She'ra: Computer end program.

She watched as Si'mon dissappeared.

She'ra: Computer, Activate program Sleepless pi Alpha.

A lovely garden appeared. She sighed and walked over
to the pond and sat down on the edge.  She'ra then
pulled her legs up under her chin and stared down into
the water.

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan


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