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LtCdr Sam McCaw
Starbase Brigadoon
After Docking

ooc: Andy, Ive cc'd this to you as well as I noticed the old =3D20 proble=
rearing its ugly head. If this gets mangled by the list could you repost=20
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   Sam's teeth hurt. He rolled out of bed and padded across his temporary=
quarters to the mirror, picking up a half empty glass of water on the way=
squeezing the thin layer of fat on his stomach between thumb and forefing=
er he=20
grimaced and headed for the sonic shower.

   Half an hour later, Sam was on stage three of his post-night-out-with-=
program: a hearty breakfast. He had seated himself between Nick and Desde=
and was tucking into his hash browns with gusto. The El-Aurian raised a=20
sculpted eyebrow, but Sam knew better than to think she was offended. He=20
paused, and gestured towards the inbound Vanguard with a loaded fork.=20

"Now there is a sight for sore eyes."

Santos nodded vaguely and Desdemona asked Sam about his year on sabbatica=
l at=20
the Academy lecturing on the data from the Klinzai observatory.

He snorted, "The teaching was alright, but the conferences were intermina=
I actually had to sit through an hour and a half on how jak'tahla affecte=
Klingon methodology and accordingly skewed the Klinzai data. Those bloody=
academics would make a two day seminar out of the correct procedure for w=
your own..."

The Klingon waiter propitiously interjected with a refill for Des and Sam=
coffee, and Santos snapped out of his reverie, suddenly becoming all=20
buisness. "How do you think Lt.Armitage will have performed? A year is a =
time to be left holding the baby."=20

"Becky will have been fine. She's a great engineer."

"Starfleet seems to think so too, they offered her the Cheif's position o=
n the=20
Hornet, you know."

Sam looked suitably impressed, Becky Armitage was still quite young for s=
uch a=20
role, even in the post Dominion War climate. "Why did she turn it down?"

"Personal reasons." Offered Desdemona, giving Sam a sly look over her jav=
a. He=20
smiled, but did not blush. "You've got the wrong end of the wrench there =
she has a bloke here on the station, a bit career obsessed but nice enoug=
Besides, after what Qbed threatened to do to her, she wouldn't dare..."

    There was an awkward pause at the mention of the conspicuously absent=
Qbed, then Sam stood up. "Right. I'd better pack." He started rooting aro=
in his pockets but Santos waved him away. "Its on me." Sam thanked him an=
left the pair still chatting over the cold remains of their breakfasts.=20



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