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USS Thespiae
  Aft Conference Room
  Craig finished his sandwich and washed it down with a drink of iced tea.  In 
honor of his guests he'd authorized his ship's cook to use some real food in 
storage instead of the field rations.  His former shipmates had seemed puzzled 
until he explained that the replicators were shut off when the cloaking device 
was on.  The less energy radiated, the better.  The internal comm was shut off 
too which was why the bridge sent a runner for Craig instead of calling.
  The door swished open to admit a yeoman carrying a PADD.  He found Craig and 
handed it to him.  "Sealed orders from Admiral Roth.  We also sent today's 
package via subspace.  Coordinates for our next transmission are included."
  Craig thumbed the PADD and moved to a corner of the room, Ceelak moving with 
him.  As his acting second officer she had his clearance; along with his XO to 
view anything that was sent for his eyes only.  If anything happened to him he 
wanted the next two in line for command to know what he knew.
  Ceelak stood beside him and read over his shoulder as he opened the letter.  
Admiral Roth promised that he'd have more information in the next morning's 
transmission that he hoped would help them plan their next move.  The 
unexpected part was that he was being told under no circumstances could he 
pursue the changeling.  Craig looked up when he read that and Ceelak returned 
his look.  She spoke first.
  "Looks like the last part of his transmission got cut off."
  Craig grinned back at her.  "That's the danger of sending burst transmissions 
across  subspace.  I understand that he wants to keep Nick safe but we're the 
perfect ship to go after this changeling."
  "I agree but Admiral Roth won't be happy with us," Ceelak said with the hint 
of a smile still on her face."
  Craig shrugged, "It won't be the first time I've had an Admiral mad at me.  
Remember when we wiped out the Ulysses on that training excersize?"
  Ceelak was suddenly straight faced.  "Seriously though..."
  Craig stopped her with a wave of his hand and lowered his voice, "Seriously I 
understand the potential for career suicide here, but I owe it to Nick to see 
this through, and so does everyone in this room.  Thespiae was built for this 
cloak and dagger stuff."
  "Alright, you know I'm with you, and you know the crew would follow you to 
the end of the galaxy.  I'm worried about the consequences though."
  Ceelak turned to go back to the party and Craig caught her arm and pulled 
back to him.  Craig lowered his voice again.  "Don't mention this to Nick or 
the others.  No sense in worrying everyone else."
  Lt. Cmdr. Craig Kavan
  USS Thespiae
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