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  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:22:56 -0500 (EST)

OFF: Hey guys, I am just seeing what my mother was saying about living on my 
own..scary! So anyone up for some character development? Something fun?



Jazz walked down the corridor towards her quarters with her nose buried in a 
padd. She hadn?t really had the chance to do much reading for fun lately. She 
rubbed a hand over her thigh as she walked. 


?Lights,? she ordered as she walked into her home, ?Standard illumination.?


She looked around her as she dropped her padd on the sofar and stripped off her 
outer coat. Starting to walk towards her bedroom she pulled her undershirt over 
her head and tossed it on her bed. She made a beeline for her dresser and 
pulled out a lovely red tank top. She put it on and then walked to her 


?Fried chicken with a side of rice. A glass of orange juice,? she ordered. When 
her meal appeared she sat down at the table with it and thought back to the 
last little while. Her life had been one rollercoaster after another. She was 
here then she was there then she was fighting tribbles. She frowned at that and 
finished eating.


She took then grabbed some gear and headed for the holodeck.


Lt. jg Jazz ?Rix? Falcon


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