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After: Defeated?

Title: Minds meet

By: Lt. jg Jazz "Rixx" Falcon



Lt. jg Roch Chase

Intel officer

Jazz moved over on the seat as an exhausted Roch chase crashed beside her. The 
man had very few words for everyone but he always seemed to be there when they 
needed him. 

Roch glance around the room and rested his head back against the chair. There 
he went again. He was taught to take in how many people were in a room, where 
the nearest exit was to him and how to get out without anyone knowing he had 
even moved. He shook his head as he closed his eyes. He felt her looking at him.

"What?" he asked without opening his eyes.

Jazz jumped a little then laughed at her scare, "Nothing," she said as she 
shipped from her drink. She had spent most her time in the mess hall. She did 
not want to have anything to do with the new captain. He was not real to her.

"Whats going through that little head of yours," Roch drawled. She had slipped 
into one of her famous realities and he had spent a while trying to get her to 
snap out of it. "Wanna talk about it?"

"Why Roch Chase," Jazz feigned surprise, "You really do have a nice bedside 

Roch growled and looked at her, "What's wrong?" he asked.

Jazz only shook her head and down the rest of her drink and sat back in her 
chair. She wanted out. she didnt know it the first day when she stepped on 
board the ship that she would but she does. Everything was changing and she 
hated change.

"I hate change," she said simply.

Roch raised a brow at her and knew what she was talking about, "As Commander 
Soman said," Roch started, "He will be coming back."

Jazz only shook her head, "You're intel Chase," she flung at him, "you know 
starfleet better than any one of us on board this ship. Do you ever know when 
they are hiding something from you?"

Roch looked away from her then. She had a point. Starfleet had sent him into 
countless missions where he wasn't dealt the full deack. The had "conveniently" 
forgotten to tell him things that he needed to know before going in. He held 
back the urge to shudder at the memories that came flooding back.

"But why would they lie?" Roch asked instead of confirming what she had just 

Jazz got up and leant forward facing Chase with both her hands bracing on the 
table, "Because they are starfleet Chase," she said angrily, "Thats what they 
do." with that she turned and walked away.

Roch watched her blue braid danced behind her as she walked away. he knew she 
was right but he was the cynical bastard. He had the right to be cynical; she 
didn't. He was war torn and tired. She looked as though she was fresh out of 
the academy. He downed the last of her drink and followed her.

"Falcon!" he called her but she just kept going. He reached her and gripped her 
arm turning her to face him.

Jazz felt the gripped and shrugged out of it, "Dont you dare touch me!" she 
flung at him before walking away again.

"What kind of reason do you have to be so damn hard up about?" he yelled after 

Roch watched her go and wished to heaven he had kept his mouth shut or just let 
her go the first time she wanted to go. He always screwed this up with women 
and he was scared now. He would anyone see it but he was. This woman in 
particular drove him crazy. She always had to argue with him no matter what. 
And the scary thing was, she was always right.

Jazz walked into her office and crashed to her seat.At least in her work she 
can hide. No one would find her there. She had sanity in her work. "Sanity is 
good," she mumbled.


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