[USS Vanguard] it mocks the meat it feeds on

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Lt Sam McCaw
Vanguard Bridge
After "Taking Action"

Sam stood at ease on the Vanguard bridge, awaiting the inevitable appearance
of Qbed. After all, when a Starfleet Lieutenant
appeared on the bridge in fancy dress [ooc: See "A Taster" 21 Oct 2004] it
would be silly not to expect a visit from one of the Q.

Almost on queue, a disembodied voice boomed out across the bridge "Samuel
Charles McCaw, you are in serious trouble!"
Sam disappeared.


Nick's eyes widened as his conversation with Qbed suddenly hit him "Sam!"
was all he could manage to get out

From the random words of Nick's unconscious rambling, the look on his face
and tone in his voice, it was clear that Qbed wasn't here for a friendly

Zena and Cynan looked at each other "Quetan to Bridge"


"Computer locate Sam McCaw" Cynan commanded

Again Nothing...


Sam found himself standing outside the 'McCaw residence' back on New
Vanguard. Qbed stood before him with he hands on her hips - she was the
picture of righteous indignation.

"How could you!? With that hussy!" Qbed gestured angrily to the McCaw
residence, which collapsed with a crash. Qbed looked a little surprised, but
recovered quickly "Ha! I gave you EVERYTHING! What do you have to say for
yourself before I feed you to the ant dogs of Chichin 7?"

Sam held his hands up "Whoa! What are you talking about?"

Qbed boiled. "Becky Armitage you flea bitten wannabe lothario!"

"I'm her boss!"

With a flick of her fingers Qbed summoned the entire McCaw/Armitage clan,
who all looked thoroughly confused. "Oh really. Well you obviously take you
duties very seriously! You've been plotting this since the academy you dirty
little cheat!"

Sam sunk deeper into confusion "So I knew Becky in the Academy, so what?
This was a FICTION, it's made up!"

"They based it on your subconscious desire Sam, you subconsciously WANT her
don't you?"

Sam's temper snapped "Maybe I just want someone who's actually HERE instead
of cavorting around the Galaxy having fun without me!"

"So you'd rather have HER?"

"No. Of course not."

"Prove it."


"I'm sending you back to the academy, you were both single then, we'll see
what happens shall we?"

"Oh please Qbed that's childish and ridiculous."

"Don't you call me childish you hormonal monkey, you are on thin ice! Thin

-------------------------------- Several years
earlier ---------------------------------

Sam opened his eyes and immediately regretted the decision. As he had
discovered before, Starfleet academy was not a great place to be hung over.

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