[USS Vanguard] Re: [gf_co] JM Opinions

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Andy, all,...

Firstly let me say, Raye ? ? Jayne? What's that about? Some nickname of


I as well have felt that the pregnancy posts were out of the scope of the
mission. I have also felt that other SIMs posting things like, "I think
Xavian is infected" etc was a bit premature and like you have said, am
unsure of where the Vanguard fits into the whole picture. To be honest I was
waiting for a post from you (Andy) to lay it all down! Though saying this,
the post about comparing patterns from the transporters was a great idea -
still, premature though.. perhaps. I mean, the mission hasn't got going and
there is a soluation already ?

I'm ashamed in a away that the posts I have made were depicting my character
going on his own path. I didn't really know what else to do though.. And it
was good in a way because I made at least one (though brief) connection with
another SIMer (I intend to try and follow that up at some point).

The last thing I feel let down with is *gulp* Alexa. Sorry Alexa.. it's just
that you are posting as Xavian, which is cool and all, but it is like you
have forgotton that you have a character on the Vanguard too. I don't mean
any offense here.. just, I miss your input as Droin.

We could definitely do with some guidence from GF as to what direction we
should be going. All in all, if we can at least make some connetions with
other ships so that we can joint-post/mission with them after this, then I
should think the whole exercise is a success. Definetaly need some more
inter-SIM posts.

Hope you are all well,


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The following is an email I plan to send to Martin Burton, who heads up
Gamma Fleet. It is in response to opinions he's asked of us concerning the
current joint mission.

Of course, I am only speaking for myself here, but since in a way I
represent the Vanguard at large, I'd like your opinions on whether what I've
written is inaccurate, unnecessary, or unnecessarily critical.

Thanks for your time.


[Message follows:]

While you've done an admirable job pulling everyone in who was interested in
the joint mission, and while I've enjoyed seeing my fellow fleet colleagues
"in action," I am at this point nearly hopelessly lost amidst the confusion,
lack of communications, conflicted posts and low (or no) response to some of
my posts (and that of the players on the Vanguard).

I know this was caused by a few reasons, not the least of which seems to be
an apparent email loss as posts traveled through the Yahoo! Groups system.

Where my confusion originates--and, granted, I may be alone on this--are the
number of players who are playing multiple roles on different sims, the
clear lack of direction of what I (or the sim-ship) am supposed to be doing,
and where all this is headed.

I appreciate a mystery and certainly I've conducted missions myself where I
leave the players in the dark purposefully for suspense, surprises, etc.
(although I'm now giving serious reconsideration to that method), but unless
I missed a crucial post, unless I've misunderstood the role that Vanguard
was obligated to play, I don't see where this is headed and I am not at all
clear on what our goals should be.

Furthermore, there have been a vast number of email posts that, quite
honestly, should have waited until the joint mission was concluded as they
had no direct bearing (unless this, too, is a part of the suspense and
shock) on the storyline at hand. I am thinking of all the posts having to do
with pregnancies and births and what-have-you. These were storylines that
originated on the players' primary ships and should have been carried
through on the players' own ships in their own course. To me, they were
every bit as distracting as the OoC posts were to some others. Maybe I
should have read more carefully, but my frustration with those posts (aside
from simply the vast number of them) didn't even mention the joint mission!

Please don't be deflated by this email. Again, I've enjoyed the
correspondence that we've had, I've admired your ability to handle multiple
players and multiple sims, and I like the premise behind this joint mission.

Even your email soliciting opinions now as opposed to after the affair
demonstrates a very commendable attitude toward the players involved.

However, at this point, I'm mired and don't know where to turn. Perhaps a
bit of pruning on the different branches off the main storyline trunk would
be in order...?

As always, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Again,
I don't mean to sound harsh, overly sensitive or critical, and I apologize
if I do. Overall, I've enjoyed the experience, but I think some of the
shortcomings I mentioned above are preventing this from becoming a GREAT
joint mission.

Best regards,

Andy Ho
"Capt. Santos, USS Vanguard"

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>Hey all,
>Im just asking for opinions on the Joint Mission so far, please.
>Also, what would you guys think if we started a sim thats not set in 
>2380? How about one set in 2430 or even 2260... Just a suggestion...
>Call it part of a diversification idea.
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