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Ah just flutter your eyelashes! ;)

Certainly was interesting reading about Stargate SG-1 in his (and others)
latest works though. Raised my eyebrow anyhow! What made that worse was that
everything that was mentioned about the gate was all cocked up.

Chevron's aren't the coordinates. They are what the gate uses to store/mark
the ones you want. The coordinates are any six constellations marked around
it - six points to map a single point in any three dimensional space, right?
And as such you wouldn't have to adjust those for stellar drift or work out
anything else because they'd still be the same.

Incidentally. Why did the Stargate ever need a seventh for the point of
origin? Surely the gate mechanism would know where it was.

/rant over.

Actually we shouldn't be slagging off any individual member or SIM really
should we. They all work different and have there own creative license (as
it were). There just needs to be tighter rules on Dos and DONTs for future
joint-missions I feel.


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I'm not worth anything these days in the fleet :) But throwing Jalad in jail
would be fun...

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