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<StarBase Gamma>

*...derstand Darkwater's commentary, and I see where
he is coming from. Unfortunately it is patently
obvious to me that he does not.* the voice from the
datafile droned quietly, and Kieran hunched a little
tighter over the console as though to better catch the
commentary. *He is attempting to apply the laws of
human psychology to a non-human mind, and that is the
flaw of his argument.

The biophysical nat....*

The clearing of a throat behind him caught his
attention, and he turned briefly to see who it was,
the image of a StarFleet Captain's uniform catching
his attention.

~Oh, no.~ he thought, recognising the man from the
file he had read through on his new posting. ~The
Captain's had to come and find me... not the best of
starts.~ He schooled his face to calm as he stood to
greet the man, surreptitiously checking the
chronometer on the desk as he did.

He wasn't late, yet, he saw with some relief. He
wasn't due to report for another hour, allowing the
ship time to dock after it's slightly delayed arrival,
which meant the Captain had come looking for him for a

"Dominic Santos." The Captain held out his hand,
throwing Kieran off-guard a little. "You must be
Kieran Darkwater."

"Yes." Was all he managed to get out, remembering the
sir a little too late, and then realising that the
informal setting perhaps didn't require it.

They made their way from the Data-library slowly,
talking quietly about nothing in particular as people
who are just getting acquainted do, but Kieran was
happy with the scenario. If the Captain was willing to
come and find him to greet him, it spoke well for the
morale and camaraderie he was likely to find on the

They walked along the length of the ship, staring out
at the unique design through the long clear,
aluminium-alloy windowed observation deck, before
entering the turbo-lift down to the floor of the
ventral airlock.

Passing onto the ship, they stopped as a figure
approached, and the Captain introduced his department
head. She, too, shook his hand and Kieran took the
opportunity to note the intricate pattern of spots
down the side of her head and neck.

~A Trill.~ he enthused to himself, whilst giving her a
polite nod a hastily mumbled platitude. ~There is so
little written about the Trill, perhaps she'd consent
to talk to me about her people.~

She mentioned something about the kitchen
requisitions, though in truth he couldn't remember
having ever filled them out, but he was cut off by the
Captain before he had the chance to answer, and the
Science Chief, and Second Officer as he recalled,
continued on her journey.

The gap in the conversation stretched a little, and
the Captain took the initiative, leaving Kieran to
find his own way to his quarters.

The door hissed open at his approach, and he stepped
into the arch to survey the room, with a slight smile,
and a feeling of contentment.


Having his personal belongings beamed out of the
transporter buffer he began to arrange a few things,
quickly stacking and hanging clothing before opening
the large box of artifacts and items to see about

Having set out some of the more 'important', at least
emotionally, items, Kieran stepped out into the
corridor and rested a hand on the nearby wall-panel,
bringing the console to life with a light hum

"Computer?" he said, quietly, waiting for the chirp of
response. "Where is the office assigned to the
Archaeology and Anthropology Officer?" He had studied
the schematics of the ship, of course, but somehow
felt that relying on the systems of the ship would be
less embaressing than turning up in Engineering with
no reasonable explanation. The lights along the
corridor blinked gently, and he followed the trail to
his office, commiting the route to memory as he went.

Once there, he spent an hour or so setting up the data
library and consoles to his own preferences,
requesting a breakdown of recent missions and a
projection of the near future intentions for the ship
so he could begin preparations. His first, and most
important tasks of the day were to contact the Science
Chief, and the Medical Chief, to schedule his first
appointments. His own head of department, most likely,
would like to sit down face-to-face at some point with
him not too long after he joined, and it showed
initiative to schedule the appointment himself.

The CMO, however, was a different matter. He had had
the opportunity, not long before joining the academy,
to listen to one of Xristha Droin's lectures on
Cultural Anthropology, and was interested in meeting
the woman. He guessed they would be working closely
together until a dedicated Xenobiologist was assigned
to the ship, as well, and he could always make the
excuse that he had only checked in for the medical
assessment that was required upon taking up a new
post. He was just beginning to completely lose himself
in the work when his computer signalled an incoming

"You are cordially invited..." he began, reading
quietly, muttering the words to himself as his father
had continually tried to stop him doing, quickly
scanning through the invitation. Social functions had
been his one real bane during his student times, he
had never been completely comfortable in the large
crowds, but he didn't think it would be an auspicious
start to his career on the ship to miss his own
welcoming party.

With a half-hour to spare he returned to his quarters,
took a quick sonic shower and dressed again donning
the unfamiliar uniform with a strange feeling.
Replacing his own, standard communicator with his new
design, he stood before the mirror, leaving himself
with ten-minutes to recieve the last of his incoming
packages, the sturdy, decorative, two-hundred and
fifty year old, carved wooden chest his father had
presented to him upon his graduation from the academy.
Finally, now, with the box that he refused to have
transported at his father's request, he felt the room
was comfortably his, and he took the nearest
turbo-lift to the 'Event Horizon' lounge to greet his
new crewmates.

Ensign Kieran Darkwater
USS Vanguard

OFF>Well, I hope that isn't too bad for a first run.:)
Thank you kindly for the welcome.


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