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Lt. Zena Quetan
USS Vanguard
continuing from Andy's post

Zena turned the corner of the corridor leaving the Captain and Ensign
Darkwater behind, having an A&A officer would be a welcomed addition to her
department, especially with her extra responsibilities as second officer
now, not that she was complaining, but any help was fine by her.

Pulling out her PADD of "things to do" she looked at what was next on the
list, she decided to leave dismissing the kitchen staff for now as she was
nearer to her office than Event Horizon, she wasn't going to be too long.

On her way she bumped into Cynan

"Still working hard?" he said spotting the PADD in her hand

"Not exactly" she smiled "Just a few things that need finishing before

Cynan shook his head mockingly and continued walking "Well don't over work
yourself too much, I'll be on the Starbase if you finish early and fancy
meeting up..." he shouted behind him

"Yeah, cya later" she shouted back as she entered the turbolift

**Zena's Office**

Zena sat at her console going through the weekly reports, she wasn't
expecting it to be so time consuming but hours had passed before she knew
it, Zena sighed and rubbed her head, it felt like it was going to explode,
she had woken up that morning with a slight pain and it had gradually gotten
worse through out the day, she kept meaning to pop into sickbay to get it
seen to but she hadn't had the chance. "Never mind I'll go later" she told
herself again as she stood up to leave.

Next stop was Event Horizon to break it to the kitchen staff that their
services were no longer needed, something Zena wasn't looking forward to as
she had heard the head chef had a bit of a temper.

The doors to the lounge swished open and the most amazing smell hit her as
she entered, Zena's eyes widened as she looked around at all the
decorations, then spotted the Captain with Desdemona.

"Wow" Zena exclaimed "This place looks great!"

Santos nodded "fantastic isn't it, and we have Desdemona to thank for it"

Zena smiled at Desdemona "well it's a shame you'll be leaving us, you're
exactly what this place needs"

Des looked at Zena's pips "Thank you Lieutenant"

"You're welcome, and please, call me Zen..Arggh!" Feeling another sharp pain
she clutched her head "Er if you'll excuse I have an appointment with
sickbay that I've been putting off all day, I'll see you both later"

With that she left heading towards sickbay

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