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After: Santos and Valentine
Title: Chillin'

Aliyah sat in her office and stared at the report she had done of the mission. 
"The guys at starfleet are gonna love this one," she mumbled to herself. What a 
welcome, she thought. She deactivated the padd and carelessly tossed it on her 
desk. She rubbed her hands over her face and stood up. She still hadn't changed 
out of her torn clothes. Stupid loosers ripped the leather from her shoulder 
down her back. She could now feel the cool air on her back.

She got up and walked out of her office.

In her quarters she stripped down took a shower then stepped out again with a 
towel wrapped around her body. She found another leather jumpsuit specially 
made for her and slipped into it.  She re-wrapped her hair and headed for the 

she walked in to see most of the crew she had met there. She walked over to the 
table with Jazz, Vogel, D'angelo and Roch and sat down. "Hey guys," she greeted 
happily. "Let me guess, you finished your report," Jazz joked. Aliyah faked 
being offended, "You don't know me!" she said trying to hide a grin. "Come on 
tell the trught," Vogel spoke up.

Aliyah looked away with a smile on her face, "fine, I'm done." Everyone except 
Roch burst out laughing, "I owe you a drink," D'angelo pipped in, "I really 
should learn not to take bets!" 

"What bet?" Aliyah asked.
"NO BET!!" everyone except Roch said in a hurry.

"Hello Lt." Aliyah turned to Roch but he only nodded.

"And the time I walked through campus naked..." Jazz stated looking at Roch. "I 
know," Roch said sipping from his cup.

"You didn't hear a thing that just went on did you?" D'Angelo asked with a 
small smile on his face.

"Yes I did!" Roch Retorted.

"If you did what did Jazz just say?" asked Vogel.

"She said....you're right .. I was thinking back to that ship," roch admitted.

The group went quite until they heard Des, "What's wrong sour grapes or 

"Sour grape..good one Des, you crack me up.."D'angelo winked at her. The whole 
group went "OHHHHH!" Des glared at them and they started laughing.

They spent about an hour together until Aliyah excused herself. She got up and 
walked over to the nearest replicator. She remembered what type of cake Dominic 
liked from the birmingham and went to see him.
"Enter," came Santos' voice.

Aliyah walked in with her hands behind her and stood at attention, "Captain.." 
she started but Dominic held up a hand.

"Nick.." he stated.

Aliyah kept forgetting, "Nick," she started again, "I brought you something. I 
saw that you weren't with the others so I felt like you deserved a treat."

She watched his face as he looked at her. She could tell that he was surprised 
and confused.

She pulled the covered plate from behind her and placed it infront of Dominic. 
She then present a fork from her pocket and placed it beside the plate. "I 
think this is your favorite," Aliyah said with a bright smile.

Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
JAG Officer

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