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Lt. Zena Quetan
Coba Del Rey
After "Up and at 'em" and "Heaven and hell in one tiny spaceship"

<snip Steve>

"Is this a hypothetical question?"

He couldn't hold his gaze on the PADD much longer, and looked up, the
sheepish grin still there, but a hint of laughter in his eyes with it, as he
stared back. True, the lady was a Lieutenant, and a senior officer, but the
comment didn't seem drastically out of place, and if he was to travel to a
planet of whipping boys, he didn't need to fall into character just yet.

<end snip>

Zena's eyes lit up "oooo now that was below the belt....Xristha, Qbed you
hold him down, Tails...do you're worst..."

Qbed still seemed kind of distant, Xristha, Tails and Challis laughed

Xristha gave a grin "No he might like that a little TOO much"

Kieran blushed slightly, Tails glanced over her shoulder "Aww now you're
embarrassing him!"

A chorus of laughs broke out again and Kieran quickly buried himself back
into his PADD.

Zena turn back to the front facing her console, she began monitoring the
area giving up on getting anything out of Kieran...for now...

<insert Qbed's post>


" Qbed turned to Quetan. "So," she said
with a little smile, "how much longer?  Time to get

<end snip>

"ETA 30 minutes" Zena replied after checking her console. Qbed smiled and
got comfortable in her chair.

"How about some music?" Challis suggested "Good idea....any
objections/requests?" Zena replied

After a small debate on what should be played an agreement was made and
everyone settled down for the remainder of the journey.

**Angel One**

The Coba Del Rey came to a halt and entered orbit of the planet.

"Tails contact the surface and request permission for us to beam down there"
Zena said as she stood and began preparing to leave

"They have given us co-ordinates and are awaiting our arrival...They didn't
sound to thrilled about it though" Tails said just as Zena walked back to
the front half of the cockpit

Zena sighed "Well they're letting us down there, that's a start"

Zena straightened her uniform "Ok everyone prepare to beam down..."

Seconds later and they rematerialised on the planet, before them stood a
group of six women.

One stood slightly in front of the others, Zena assumed she was the leader
of the party

"Hello, I am Lt Zena Quetan from the USS Vanguard..." Zena held out her hand
as a gesture but the woman with her hands grasped behind her back looked her
up and down then raised her eyebrow

"I am Katriua, I assumed you would be staying here tonight so I took the
liberty of arranging accommodation for you and your crew...although we were
not expecting a male..." She said in an abrupt tone walking back towards the
welcoming party

Zena looked at her nails quickly on her protruding hand then dropped it back
down to her side "Thank you, we appreciate that"

The group of women began to walk off  "I guess that's a hint for us to
follow" Xristha said quietly

They all followed slowly, keeping a slight distance.

After making their way through part of the complex they arrived at their

"We have arranged for a gathering in one hour, food will be served, we will
see you there?" Katriua asked as she showed them each their rooms

Her tone seemed to be calmer now

"Of course...we look forward to it" Zena replied as she glanced quickly
around the room

Katriua nodded and left. The group were now alone...

ooc: ok finally! hehe sorry I took so long, also I haven't actually seen the
episode of TNG that Angel One is seen in so if I have wrote something that
conflicts with what you all know about Angel One please feel free to correct
me. So we have now arrived, if you want to attend the banquet thingy feel
free lol if you think its something to leave at just a comment from my post
and want to change the scene go for it! :-)
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