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Setting: Sickbay

Authors: Zena Quetan & Xristha Droin


The Chief Science Officer was in impeccable health. She was the sixth host to 
the Symbiont. Together they functioned as one, as most Trill do. She also 
wasn?t late.


Xristha smiled as she led Zena to the examination room. There were particular 
tests that physicians ran on both the host and the Symbiont when conducting 
physicals with the Trill. She looked across the table of instruments. ?You?ve 
had quite a few of these I can imagine.? She motioned across the table. ?You 
are well aware that a physical with a joined Trill takes a little longer than 
an unjoined Trill.? She smiled reassuringly.


Zena sat on the examination table.


?How have you been doing?? Xristha asked while running instruments over Zena?s 


"I'm good...Just tired a lot lately but then I guess lack of sleep will do that 
to you" Zena replied with a smile


"You?re not sleeping?" Xristha asked concerned


"Well I sleep just not for long and it's restless....I'm sure it's just a phase 
though" Zena answered the Doctor


"How long have you been this way?" Xristha asked gathering more information


"Hmm about a month, I feel ok and strong Raktajino's are keeping me perky" Zena 
said trying to make it sound like it was no big deal.


Xristha nodded. ?Not having recuperating sleep for a month concerns me. I?ll 
send a mild sedative with you to take if you are still having problems.? She 


After an arduous task, Xristha set the final instrument down. ?Complete.? She 
added, ?Preliminary results show everything?s working right.? She handed Zena a 
PADD. ?All that?s left is for you to authorize you were here and we?re done.?


She took the PADD back and set it down. ?I also have to give my advertisement 
pitch. Please don?t stop me, I memorized it.? She breathed in, ?Mental health 
is just as important as physical health. On board this ship we offer a wide 
array of mental health services, including ways to relax and take your mind off 
your stressful work in addition to our own on site counseling staff. If you 
have the opportunity to talk with our counseling staff I would highly recommend 
it. I wouldn?t want to see you down here talking to yourself.? She smiled and 
walked out.

After Zena?s physical the doctor returned to her office and began the log 
entry. ?Computer, begin medical addendum to Lt. Zena Quetan?s crew record.? The 
familiar chime of the computer designated its readiness. ?Lt. Zena Quetan?s 
health is excellent. Her relationship with the Symbiont is sound medically. It 
is the Chief Medical Officer?s opinion that she is fit to serve in numerous 
capacities on the Vanguard. End addendum. Send copy to Captain Santos.?

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