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Lt. Zena Quetan
After Jonathon's "Back On Track"
Zena strolled casually into Engineering, Her blue uniform stuck out like a sore 
thumb as she was surrounded by the mustard uniforms of the engineers who were 
busy working around her. It was so much brighter in here compared to the 
Science department and the soothing hum of the core filled the room.

She glanced around the many officers, With Sam on leave every time she ventured 
down here a different officer was in charge, Although Drath was in charge of 
Engineering temporarily he had so many other things to contend with added onto 
that now the preparation of their new Captain's arrival, he understandably 
wasn't present at this time.

A young female Lieutenant approached Zena, Zena recognized her as Lieutenant 
Armitage "Lieutenant Quetan" she flashed a warm smile at Zena "I've been 
expecting you, I've prepared the workspace you require"

Zena returned the smile and followed Lieutenant Armitage "Thanks Becky, I 
should be out of your hair in no time" She said as she started to organize her 

"Take your time by all means, and if you need anything just shout" Lieutenant 
Armitage replied as she began to walk away to continue with her duties

"Um Lieutenant..." Lieutenant Armitage called out 

Zena who was arched over the desk resting on her hands turned her head and 
looked over her shoulder at her "Yes?"

"You have dirt on your shoulder...Just thought you'd like to know" Lieutenant 
Armitage informed her

Zena lowered her eyes and focused in on her shoulder, sure enough there were 
traces of dirt there. She gave a little chuckle and brushed it off  "Don't 
ask!" she said to Becky

"Don't worry I wasn't planning to!" Becky laughed and walked off

Zena began with her calibrations...

*Time Passes*

After finally finishing, the calibrations were now all complete and the sensors 
were again running efficiently.

Zena sighed and gave a quick stretch "Computer what's the time?" The computer 
chimed and stated "The Time is 1800 hours"

That gave her an hour to prepare for Jaav coming over, She left Engineering. As 
she stood in the turbolift she thought of what she was going to wear "maybe the 
white and brown hmm or maybe the green" It was times like this she missed 
Kristen (for new players Kristen Stark was our XO on the Astoria who was 
killed) They would always go to each other for opinions on clothes, although at 
times Kristen didn't come across as very girly with her love of weapons and 
fighting she did have a weakness for clothing. 

Zena stepped out of the turbolift and headed towards her quarters, She was 
really looking forward to spending time with Jaav, she always enjoyed his 
company and it had been a while since they had had the chance to spend any real 
time together, she wanted everything to be perfect, hence the fretting over 
what to wear.

The next hour was spent rushing around making her quarters just right and 
changing outfits several times, just as she was contemplating changing once 
more the door chime sounded...

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