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Lt. Zena Quetan

Zena made a quick exit after the briefing, the tension between Merchant and
the Captain lingered in the room and made everyone on edge. She was due to
report at 0800 hours so she thought she would catch up on some "paper work"
in her office to pass the time.

The lighting was dimmer than standard, Zena stretched backwards and placed
her feet on the edge of the desk, she sipped her Racktajino and stared at
the data on her screen.

A voice broke the silence "Busy as ever I see"

Zena jumped a little and turned her attention to the door "Jaav" she smiled
"Shouldn't you be preparing for your away mission?"

"I guess, Just thought I'd catch up with you, haven't really spoken in a
while and you left the briefing rather sudden..." He replied stepping a
little more into the room

Zena sat upright dropping her feet back to the floor "Had a few ends to tie
up here before the new mission"

Jaav smiled "Well if you've finished, fancy taking a walk?"

"Sure why not, my legs are starting to lock from sitting down so long!" Zena
said as she stood up

They walked down the corridor slowly "so how's your tenant?" Zena asked
nodding towards Jaav's stomach

Jaav laughed "well that's one thing you could call it...it's strange, taking
a little time to get used to but I'm fine, And you?"

"What how is my tenant?" Zena grinned

"Well, both of you? You haven't really been yourself recently..." Jaav
stopped in mid stride

Zena stopped with him, An ensign walked by, she turned and watched him as he
disappeared around the corner, then rotated her head and faced Jaav again
"I'm ok, really... I just needed some me time to get everything clear in my
head, it's just hard knowing what I know and nothing being done about it and
innocent people getting hurt....like you, you never asked for all of this
being joined is a HUGE transformation, it takes away a part of you but gives
you something else, I guess I feel responsible for you going through this,
If I hadn't of gotten involved on Trill Levva would never have come looking
for me and you wouldn't have been put in this position"

"Zena you have morals, there's nothing wrong with that and I'm alive aren't
I? and we saved two lives you have nothing to feel responsible for" Jaav
said holding her arm gently

Zena smiled "you always know how to say the right thing"

"That's why I'm a counsellor" Jaav grinned

Zena nodded "And a good one at that, the Vanguard is lucky to have you" she
paused "I guess I better let you go final briefing is soon and I have a few
things to prepare myself"

Jaav nodded in agreement "see you later"

He began to walk off, Zena watched him a moment before blurting out
"Jaav...Would you like to go to dinner with me some time? You know maybe
after the mission or something..."

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