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Lt. Sam McCaw
USS Vanguard

?. . .?





? . . . ? 

That time is precious. That moment of awareness before the alarm goes off. A 
moments silence: not sleeping, waiting to awake. Not thinking: waiting for the 
first thoughts of the day to come clamouring in. Sam cherished that moment. But 
today?s had passed.

Sam?s eyes slid reluctantly into focus on his PADD while his left hand fumbled 
instinctively for the Raktajino that sat ready in the replcator. 

?Nacelle maintenance cycle renews today?  Check output schematics for last 
engagement ? Finish report on power spiking in the impulse drives ? The Romulan 
computer code integration problem ?? and he was out of the door heading for 

Sam wandered through engineering to a computer console and called up the 
Romulan code sections that were giving him trouble. After about an hour he 
dimly became aware of a presence behind him.



Sam span round in a panic, ?What! What? ? oh it?s you Jaav? The ship?s 
councillor smiled faintly, ?Yes. Last time I checked.? There was a pause, Sam 
shifted in his seat ?So..??
?So, you missed your appointment with me this morning, I wanted to make sure 
that was intentional.?
Sam frowned ?I didn?t make an appointment with you.?
Jaav gave a little sigh, ?Of course you didn?t Sam, you never would, but you 
did have one and I?m free now so how about it??
Sam looked extremely uncomfortable for a moment, he could smell a big rat here 
and was pretty sure that the rat in question had four pips on his collar and a 
predilection for late night scotch. But whoever had booked his appointment was 
right, he did have things on his mind ?How about a walk instead?? The 
councillor nodded, 
?That?s fine by me, are we going to the holodeck?? 
Sam chuckled, ?Why to people always associate me with the holodeck??
?Because you spend all your free time there??
Sam held his hands up in despair ?Spare time, yeah?? At this point Jaav stopped 
?Look Sam, if I know anything about you it?s that you like things straight up, 
and you?re not stupid. So you?ll know that I looked over your record before I 
came down here and I should tell you I?m pretty sure it?s your time.?

<snip: Bio of Lt.Sam McCaw, (this is the original circa USS Astoria, and will 
be updated soon, honest!)>

?McCaw is part Boer and for cultural reasons, will require a three-month 
sabbatical every seventh year.?

Ooc: I knew that?d come in handy some time ? ;)

<end snip>

Sam was immediately on guard, ?Councillor I don?t think you?re qualified to 
make that call, I am mostly human you know? Jaav had anticipated this. ?Really? 
What?s with all the time you?ve spend in Stellar Cartography lately? They tell 
me you?re looking at some pretty odd star charts, and the drinking? You haven?t 
been in the bar for weeks, it just isnt like you. What are you afraid of?? 
?Nothing!? Sam?s eyes flashed for a moment before he regained his composure.
?Nothing? look I need to have a word with the Captain, thanks for your time 
Jaav.? With that Sam headed quickly in the direction of the nearest turbolift 
leaving the councillor standing in the corridor. He felt uncomfortable with the 
unconventional approach he?d had to take with Sam, he would never normally have 
been so pushy, but in this case it appeared, he?d got the desired result. His 
only regret was that they hadnt discussed Qbed, but then Sam didnt talk about 
that to anybody...

Three days later Sam stood in the shuttle bay, facing his Captain, a rucksack 
slung over his shoulder. It was late, and no one else was around, Santos didn?t 
say anything, he just handed Sam a small silver flask and put a hand on his 
shoulder. ?I?ll see you soon, look after my shuttle.? Sam grinned 
?When have I ever not looked after a shuttlecraft?? Santos bit his toungue, but 
gracefully let it pass, so without another word Sam walked up the shuttle?s 
ramp and began preparing for take off. Santos looked on with heavy heart. He 
know all about the Boerian Bottataokka, and he knew all about how difficult Sam 
had found his relationship with Qbed, it?s tough being besotted with someone 
when you mother?s race only mate for ?one season?. He also knew who Sam?s 
father was, though he had never let this on to Sam, and he was pretty sure that 
the old  boy would not be happy about this. But most of all, he knew it was 
right to let Sam go.


ooc: Those among you with elephant like memory will notice the conspicuous 
absence of Qbed from this post. She was/is a big feature in Sam's life and 
there's a good reason why she couldnt find him when he left. HOWEVER I'm out of 
touch with Randi (who plays/played Qbed) so am leaving a question mark over 
that until I hear from her.  If you ARE her (or anyone else for that matter) 
then email me! Also I havent covered individual goodbyes, as the post was 
getting pretty lengthy and I wasnt precisely sure who was here and I'm not sure 
of the relevance so much later on (but feel totally free to play) and also Sam 
was pretty cagey about it.


:) Alec 

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