[USS Vanguard] Who's Asulting Who here!?

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  • Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 14:41:05 -0700 (PDT)

Alvon Stratford
After "Hell breaks loose"

Alvon aproced the young man and wouman srtugleing on
the ground, and rased a single eyebrow inquisitivly.

"Just what dost thou think you are doing?"

The Man stoppped sudenly, ready to address Alvon. The
Woman took the oportunity presented to her. The Man
maneged to say no more that "uhhhh..." mefore the
woman vilontly aimed a kick so that the Man would NOT
get back up for awhile. The Man doubled over in pain,
growning quite a bit. The Woman the grabed a dager
laying near by on the ground, and then spat at the
downed man.

"Serves you right! You should learn to keep your hands
off other people's things, and other people too for
that matter!"

The Man just growned...

As the Womman left, another man came out from the near
by shadows. Alvon had been watching him closely, and
had had a fireball spell amed directly at him for
quite some time. He didn't like being snuck up opon
from behind... but the spell was unessicary now, so he
silently canceled it out.

The other man ran to comfort his resently "downed"
acomplice who was still growning and rolling around on
the ground. Alvon could help but heel a little
compashion for the man, even if he was a thief.

The new man removed his clock for the first time, and
Alvon saw quite plainly that hes was, at least, half
Elf from the point his ears made. The "Elf" began to
talk to his comrad softly, in a delicate language.
Alvon had never heard it before, but he could feel
it's power... it contained magic like he had never

He "injured" man suddenly became limp, and unconsious.
The "Elf" picked him up without saying a word, and
turned tword Alvon.

"He'll be good as new once he wakes up. Too bad I
can't say the same for his children... Then again he
probaly dosn't decerve any. Could you get that door?"

The "Elf" made an indication twords the Inn's main
door. Alvon, being caught offgaurd, obliged. He
finnaly regained his thoughs as the "Elf" walked past.

"Excuse me, but you are of Elfish blood, are you not?"

"Yea. what's it to ya?"

Alvon paused a moment, then shook his head.

"Nothing. Nothing at all. My condolences to your

The Elf walked past, without another word. and then
turned around.

"The Name's Chen'ki. Thanks for not blasting be with
that fireball back there."

"Well met, Chen'ki." Then he caught sight of his
amulet. "Well met indeed. I have a feeling that we
will be seing more of eachother than one might

Chen'ki said nothing, but continued to take his friend
to get a good nights sleep.

(OoC- TAG Derek! Sorry Seth, I couldn't think of
anything else... :( please forgive me! )

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