[USS Vanguard] Which witch is which?

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 22:22:20 -0500


This mission seems like it will be interesting. Let's see....


She had been called many things. Some of the more scathing were temptress, 
she-devil, seductress, demon, and witch. By others she was named sorceress, 
fortune teller, enchantress, and mystic.

Whatever they called her, she knew she was different. Born with stark white 
hair and palen face, her looks were striking. Not to mention her gift. 
Xristha was born with the ability to read minds.

At times the gift was truly a gift. Other times it was a curse. Today it was 
a curse.

She was crouched in a corner of a tavern. Some of her hair crusted with ale 
and stale bread. A carbunkled man slapped her on the rear. When a gallant 
young gent saw the inexcusable lack of respect, he knocked the drunk bastard 
out. She smiled at the young man. Unfortunately the overbearing fat man had 
friends. A brawl erupted.

The brawl ended with not a one standing in the tavern. She slowly stood up 
and surveyed the mess. She decided to leave the bar. She hiked up her 
leather skirt and stepped over the unconscious bodies. In an instant she was 
out the door.

The cool morning air brushed her cheek, sending a lock of hair across her 
lips. She quickly made her way into the forest.


Xristha slowly walked on the worn path to the next village. Hopefully this 
one would be different. She never stayed in one hamlet for long. The wind 
called to her to heal. She practiced her arts to help. Not all understood 

She paused to pull a pebble out of her shoe as a blinding light caused her 
to cover her eyes. Her mind was blocked from the light. She never 
experienced the evolved mind that was engulfed in the luminescence.

"Goddess." She whispered.

A woman's voice cut through the forest, "Far from it." The light slightly 
faded, allowing Xristha to look at the shape. A woman stood, levitated was a 
better description, staring at her. Xristha probed the woman's mind. The 
apparition merely laughed.

"You have an assignment." The woman spoke without moving her lips. "To help 
your fellow man."

Xristha nodded. The spirit described a band of unlikely men and a wizard. 
She was to join them at the next town. One of them would recognize her as 
she would recognize them.

As fast as the spirit appeared she was gone. Xristha heeded the words of the 
ghost and headed to the next town.


Okay...can't wait to meet up with all the burly men =)

Xristha Droin

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