[USS Vanguard] Where have you been?

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:39:20 +0200

Rank : LtJG Denville d'Angelo
Place: Starbase Brigadoon
Time : 
OoC: euh, what can I say... Con'grats to those who got promotion!!

Denville enters the Event Horizon. The remnants of the food fight lay
everywhere. Stepping carefully on the clean spots on the floor he walks
towards the bar. Event Horizon was almost empty.

After cleaning a piece of the bar Denville orders a long wanted drink,
"Bartender, a Raktajino for me please." Desdemona looks up, "So stranger,
long time no see!".

"Sorry, but have we met before?", says Denville with a smile. "Nope, but
you must be our long lost tactical officer", says Des and places a hot
cup with Raktajino in front of him. "Thanks", and Denville stares into
her eyes, "I am glad to be back. Have you seen the Captain?"

"Sure, he is sitting in the corner.", says Des while removing a bean
from her bustier. With a grin of his face Denville picks up the cup
of coffee and starts walking towards the direction Des gave.

Santos sits on a couch with a glass in his hand. The unexpected movement
from someone walking straight to him turned his face. "Ah, Denville you
Finally arrived. You missed the best part of the evening.", says a smiling
Santos. "Yes sir, the shuttle ride took a bit longer then expected.", says
Denville. "At ease, lt. This is not a debriefing.", and Santos geistures
him to sit down. "Thank you sir", while Denville sits down on the couch and
sips from his coffee.

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