[USS Vanguard] When the smoke clears (8?)

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 12:47:42 -0800 (PST)

Author: Xristha Droin, MD
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Setting: Event Horizon



Taking a sip of her drink Xristha winked at Des who appeared to be lost in 
thought. She pondered the comment on the relationship between Des and Santos, 
but didn?t mull over it. Kieran?s voice brought her back to the conversation.




"Anyway, I've some holodeck time booked for later this afternoon, if anyone's 
interested in the Battle of Yavor-Aman, from Trill's early mediaeval period?"


<end snip>


Xristha set her drink down and mockingly spoke, ?You sure do know how to 
romance a woman.? She smiled. A voice from behind her caused her to turn.




"Care if I join?? [Highwaij] asked as he sat down with them. "And the next 
round is one me? he said "I'm glad we got that last mission all behind us."


<end snip>


Xristha pointed to a chair, ?The more men the merrier.? She looked around, 
being the only woman at the table. ?Though I think we?ve got to cut Mr. 
Darkwater off from the milk, he?s talking crazy.?


The conversation lulled for a moment. ?Isn?t anyone going to ask me to dance?? 
She took another drink then stood up.


OOC: Okay young bucks, get up the nerve!

Captain Natalia Bykov-Trevelyan PhD MD
USS Kaleh [Dagger] - Valdore Class

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