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Lt Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor
USS Vanguard

Location: Event Horizon

Jaav braced himself and breathed in a great sigh of relief as he stood =
outside the main doors to the Event Horizon lounge, he pushed the strap =
of his equipment bag onto his shoulder, he hadn't hadn't bothered to =
visit he quarters after his shuttled had boarded the Vanguard because =
frankly, he didn't want to, he missed his friends, and it was them he =
wanted to see first. =20

Jaav stepped through the main doors and headed straight for the bar, =
even though he already knew many of the senior staff would be there =
(he'd checked their locations with the main computer) it was still =
pleasantly surprising to see them all gathered around the bar. =20

"Well...The prodigal son returns!"

Droin swung around on her stool and smiled before she said anything =
more, the other's turned around to see what she was talking about.  "I =
was beginning to think I was going to have to order a replacement =
Holo-Counselor for you!" Droin said as she moved over and hugged Jaav.=20

"What will it be Jaav?" asked Des, "We've had some unusual requests so =
far, why break with tradition?"

"I've been stuck on a shuttlecraft for 19 hours, after that mind numbing =
experience, surprise me!" Jaav said with a cheeky grin, quickly =
wondering whether it was a good idea to leave Desdemona with *complete* =
creative license. =20

"So Mister E'thexx..." The Captain began, "How was Earth?"

"Blue, pretty much.  The conference was long and draw out, just about =
every psychologist in the fleet was there, but we made little progress.  =
It's still almost impossible to use Psychometry to guard against the =
parsites.  I'm just glad to be home."

Santos nodded, and returned to his conversation with Desdemona.  Des had =
already placed an unusual green/brownish, cloudy liquid in a small =
tumbler in front of Jaav.  Jaav picked up the glass, sniffed it, and =
cocked his head.  'Mmm, Aniseed' he thought to himself, before spying at =
the end of the bar Cynan Mandrake, Jaav moved over to him,  =20

"How are things?" Jaav opened,=20


"I have to apologise for leaving suddenly in the middle of our sessions, =
but I'm willing to pick them up again as soon as you want, you know =
where I'll be."

Cynan nodded, his expression demonstrating his thanks, nothing more =
needed to be said between the, Jaav patted Cynan on the shoulder and =
then moved away, Zena had just entered the lounge, beaming as usual. =20


OOC: Thought I'd try and explain my long silence with something.  I've =
read most of the posts, sorry if I've missed or contradicted anything =
important. =20

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