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Ensign Aliyha-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald 


OFF: this has parts of Santos' last post.

ON: Aliyah smiled at her visit with Sam and got up. She shut down her LCARS and 
headed out of her office. She ended up in her quarters. She hummed to herself 
as she rummaged through her closet to find something. She might as well go see 
her brothers while she was so close. She figured she would not get a chance to 
go on a vacation like this in a while. 

She got out of her leather cat suit and dropped it on the bed. She then put on 
a long yellow skirt and a tight tank top. She pressed a flower into her 
ponytail and smiled brightly at herself. 

"Not bad," she mumbled. She then had an idea. She went looking for captain 
Santos, ~Maybe he would like a vacation~

[Hours later]

As a student at Starfleet, Nick Santos had whiled away many an off-duty 
hour with Bonaparte "Blown Apart" Stamper and Hernando "Henny " Silva 
in the environs (and pubs) of Old England.

Ducking out of the wind and rain, Nick Santos entered an old 
favorite--the Fox & Hounds just outside Bathwick.

He took off his Starfleet overcoat and unwrapped the muffling scarf, 
hanging them on the coat rack by the door.

He looked around, unable to resist the smile playing at his lips.

Not much had changed in the hundreds of years the public house had 
stood at the spot.

A fire in the fireplace, stone walls and wooden tables.

Nearby, a gambling machine showed a hologram of a woman pulling three 
"Bars" out of thin air. She smiled and gestured at the "jackpot."

A family sat in the dining room, the husband cutting up chunks of pizza 
for a toddler girl while an infant boy sat and watched from a pneumatic 
high chair.

"Will you eat this bite, then, darling?" he asked her.

She turned her head away in disgust. "No! I won't eat pineapple on 
pizza! That's disgusting!"

"Do listen to your father and try a bite, love," the mother said, 
clearly at the end of her patience.

"No!" the little girl insisted.

Santos turned from this picture of domestic bliss and walked up to the 

"All right, mate?" the barman asked.

"Yeah, how about you?" Santos replied.

"What can I getcher?" he asked.

"Pint of John Smith's, sidecar of Southern Comfort."

"Ooer," he exclaimed, "that's a wicked combination, that is."

Santos shrugged and smiled.

The barman placed his drinks in front of him and turned to the 

Santos drained the little glass of Southern Comfort and placed the 
empty back on the bar.

The barman turned around and looked at the empty glass.

"I was thirsty," Santos said.

"Aye," he said, "I guess you were. That will be 32 new pounds sterling, 

"Right, so you're still on the old system," Santos said, producing his 
Starfleet micro-PADD.

"Some things never change around here, Mister Captain."

"Here, here," Santos said, lifting his pint glass. "To Old England--may 
she forever remain true."

"Aye," the barman nodded. "I'll join you in a toast."

As the barman turned to his glasses, Santos eavesdropped on the 
customers next to him at the bar.

"...and I told Mick, I did, I told him, 'Well, Andoria United's crap 
this year, aren't they?' And he said, 'What, John? How many championships have 
Vulcan won in the last century, then?'"

"Cor..." his friend exclaimed, empathizing with "John."

Santos smiled and looked at the bottom of his glass. He sat down and 
watched football (New Berlin City versus Real Madrid) on the big-screen 
as he waited for his crew, his friends, to join him.

Aliyah had just came back from seeing one of her sisters and to tell the truth 
she needed a drink. The woman made her nuts at times. She looked up at the 
sign, "Fox and Hounds," Aliyah mumbled. She ducked inside and stopped at the 
door to squeeze some water from her long blue hair. She tried to get her skirt 
from clinging to her legs but no avail. She just frowned and walked up to the 
bar. She was in a horrible mood. Just then a familiar voice came to her ears. 
She turned and smiled, "Captain Santos," she greeted with a smile, "Stalking me 
again?" she joked.


Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald 
Chief JAG officer 
USS Vanguard

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