[USS Vanguard] What was that again?

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 23:35:14 -0700 (PDT)

Mage of the Mountain (Alvon)
after ""

A light blue glow eminated from the container in
Alvon's hand. It was lageled simply "Moon Glow". Alvon
poured the contentes of the jar into a large basin
upon the floor, and begain to stir the strange
He was so engrosed in his work that he did not turn
his back as the clocked figure entered the room behind

Cloked Figure: Greetings Alvon.

Starteled, Alvon nearly tips over the basin at his
feet. It takes him only a second to regain his
balance, but a while longer to regain his temper.

Alvon: Blast thee! Blast thee to bits! What creature
are thou that wouldst disturb my work! For be thou
man, thou shalt have wished you didn't...

Cloked Figure: Silence thy tounge, for man am I not!

The voice was noticiably feminian.

Alvon: And what, pray tell, are thou then!?

Clocked Woman: I am...

The figure paused momenteraly, in silent refection of
the forasked quiery. Then removes her hood in a swift,
fluid movment. (OoC: Revailing a woman that looks not
entierly unlike Qbed...)

Clocked Woman: I am High Priestess of the Goddess know
as "Qbed". I have come barring to a meesage from her
mightness herself. It is of utmost importance that
thou read it with the greatest of speed, for it
contains wisdome of things to come.

Alvon: Strange, the stars did not foretell thy's
comming. Either mine eyes have begain to out live
there days, or thou has taken up the profesion of a
false prophet. How doest thou answer that?

Clocked Woman: False prophet am I, uhh, none.

In confusion, Alvon begain to stroke his long white
beard, but stoped suddenly as he realised he had

Alvon: I am befudeled, perhaps I shalt have a glance
at thy Lady's message.

Clocked Woman: That would be a wise choice.

Alvon took the parchment scroll from the woman, and
began to study it closely. After several minutes of
heming and hawing, and two more unsecseful atempts to
scratch his beard, Alvon spoke.

Alvon: It seams that false profet are you none.
Misplaced trust in thou have I not. Therefore, thy
Lady's carefull and watchfull instructions shall I
follow, and beyond yonder hills and toword montains
farther yonder still dost embark upon a jurney twords
them I shall. But not after but before this jurney of
far and wide streachs I do embarck acrosseth, ask toy
this may I shall?

Clocked Woman: Uhhhh, ya?

Alvon: What be the fate the multifastied wonder that
doeth reside curently in thine left hand?

The Woman give Alvon a look of uter amasement, does a
double-take and then regains her mighty stature.

Clocked Woman: A gift from mine Lady dost I hold, and
for thou to recive be its fate. Doest thou except?

Alvon bows with a grand flurish.

Alvon: Of course, M'Lady. Mine service be to thine as
the Stars above doth travel after the Moon in her
splended glory. Treasure of thine's Lady tresure shall
I for all time!

The woman giggles, and then recomposes herself. She
holds the Amulet to Alvon, and he takes it gently from
her hand.

Clocked Woman: Now, follow mine Lady's instructions,
and dally not! for they are of dier importance.

Alvon: Yes, M'Lady

As quickly and silently as she apeared, the Clocked
Woman leaves, leaving only the Amulet given to Alvon

Alvon: Philip!

Philip rushes into the room several seconds later,
gasping for breath.

Philip: Yes....Master...Alvon...Sir

Not wating for Philip, Alvon imedatly sets into
action, collectin things for his trip.

Alvon: Do be a good lad and keep the place tidy while
I'm away. And see to it that you don't mess with my
thing's. You can study from the big books in the
library, pages 162 through 267, and if you finnish
early you can clean all the lenses on the telescope.
Oh and don't forget to feed the Iguana! Bye!

And with that Alvon vanished from the room.

Philip gives a groan of complant and slumps to the
floor as the far off sound a very large oak door
closeing reaches him. All is quiet in the Mountain.

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