[USS Vanguard] What has been Created, can be Distroyed.

  • From: Brandon Ciecko <b_ciecko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 16:55:26 -0700 (PDT)

The Entity Formaly Known as Alvon Stratford
Somewhere/when beyond human comprehention
After the post by "Sethers"

OoC: You, Mortal, will now "see", and perhaps,
understand the "thoughts" of A'Von. You are very
fortunate indeed to be reciving such delacate text.
oh, and remebere, the Imortal Ones need not bother
about spelling.

Mortality...Febele Mortality

To be so easaly broken

That is NOT what I exist for

I shuold have never have underestimated the Borg.

Febele...yes, but Mortal...No.

These Borg have broken the rules.

Mortals who think they're Imortal! Ha!

yet, they exist. 

and have succseeded.

Already I can feel thier presanse in the life 

Life stream...ha!

To imagine that I was apart of it for mellenia!

No matter, it is a mere moment compared to infinity.

Yet the one called Alvon is still here...

Most peculure...

Perhaps my presance has caused him to grow stronger...

I wonder what becomes of mortals who are givin


He is the key of the Borg, their play thing, their

His presance so close to mine is unaceptable.

He will rise to power! ...

...and he will leave distrution in his wake!

All is at risk as long as he exists.

He must not exist.He must not exist in any time.

I will stop the Borg, ...

...by earasing Alvon

from the beginning.


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