[USS Vanguard] What do you want to do?I dont know what do you want to do?

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Title: What do you want to do?I dont know what do you want to do?
After: Incite into the Past.
By: ensign Aliyah Amores Lopez Fitzgerald
      JAG officer
Lt. jg M.J. Valentine
Stellar catographer
Lt. jg Jazz "Rixx" Falcon
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Jazz sat forward and smiled for the first time in a long while. She took a deep 
breathe. Freedom is a good thing, she thought happily. She had finaly finished 
her reports and sent them in now she was sitting in quiet corner sipping on  
"Excuse me," Aliyah called to the woman, "Mind if i sit?'
"Not at all go ahead," Jazz replied, "It is good to see you."
"same here, it is so quiet on board comparing to the first day that I came on," 
Aliyah pointed out.
"I know what you mean," Jazz answered looking around at the empty messhall.
M.J had just left sickbay. She had burns on her arms. she was still trying to 
figure out how that happened. Xristha had told her not to worry about it but 
she couldn't help it.
She walked into the mess hall and looked around. It was pathetically empty. She 
noticed two women sitting by themselves whispereing and she walked over.
Jazz looked up from her seat and smiled, "Hello," she said, "I haven't seen you 
around here before."
"M.J Valentine," MJ announced to them, "Stellar cartographer."
"Aliyah Amores Lopez Fiztgerald," Aliyah answered, "JAG."
"Jazz Falcon," Jazz spoke up, "Exobiologist. Have a seat."
M.J sat down with her cup and smiled, "Thanks."
Silence passed between them as they just sat there and sipped form their cups. 
Aliyah's mind went back to their last mission. She could have sworn that she 
was bad luck. N o matter where she went something bad happened. Why can't she 
be on a normal ship that only explores. Then again she was JAG it was the same 
as saying trouble was her middle name.
Jazz had many bodies to investigate. It had taken her eight hours to finish 
them all. She groaned as she remembered.
"Anyone wants to go to the holdock, I have this great racing simmulations?" 
Aliyah asked.
All the women nodded. They got up and headed for holodeck one.

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