[USS Vanguard] We're all a little nuts

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  • Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 19:54:28 -0500


I too have been lax, we all have. That is not a problem though. It does not 
mean that we all want to leave the ship...I don't hear anyone complaining =)


Xristha Droin was standing on the bridge and considered the weight of their 
situation. Their ship was badly damaged, with a skeleton engineering crew. 
Their crew was badly injured, with a skeleton medical crew. Their morale was 
badly affected, with a skeleton counseling crew.

However, she knew the crew of the Vanguard and was not disturbed.

"Captain, I have located Mandrake." Khan erupted.

Santos nodded, "They must complete their mission." [um, I'm so out of it I 
can't remember the plan].

The Vanguard shook under another pummel.

"We are being hailed by the Borg." Soman winced.

"On screen."

The damaged vessel was replaced with Borg Stark. "Your ships are no match 
for the Borg. Why do you resist?"

Droin sensed a masochistic undertone. "Captain."

Santos muted the channel.

The doctor spoke up, "She doesn't mean to assimilate us."

Soman spoke up, "Then what does she want?"

Xristha looked at Stark, her mind focusing on the cybernetic being. "She 
wants to kill us." The words were painful.

"They are one in the same." Khan pronounced.

Droin shook her head, "She is playing cat and mouse." She continued, "She 
wants us to suffer as she has. The counselor would call it displacement." 
She tried to clarify, "Somehow in her biology and circuitry Kristen Stark 
has experienced pain. She was ripped from the life she loved. She envies the 
memories she holds. She is not fully Borg, but a psychopathic disassociative 
with a maladaptive defense mechanism."

Santos nodded for more, "I am not a psychiatrist."

The doctor spelled it out in non-psychiatric terms, "She has multiple 
personalities and, whether correct or not, blames us. They are battling in 
her mind. At any moment, she could snap."

Soman spoke softly, "Some might say she already has."


Well, all I can do for now.

Dr Xristha Droin

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