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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 21:06:17 +0100

Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Event Horizon
Following:   Way Ta Go Lads

> She'ra looked towards the other guys and see them
> smiling, then she looked back at Cyan.. She was
> feeling really embarrassed here..
> She'ra: You know, it's nice to meet you all, but it
> would be better if I knew who you were...
> The guys looked at each other and then stood up...

Highwaij stood up "Welcome onboard the USS Vanguard, I'm Lt. Highwaij Chief
Communications Officer onboard this
ship, if I'm not mistaken you're Ensign She'ra Khan our new Exobiologist,
perhaps you want to join us for a drink"

"Why not" She'ra replayed as she sat down

Highwaij gave Desdemona a small signal to fill the glasses again,
"Meet the others" Highwaij said as he looked around after everyone
intruduced him/herself
"If you ever need someone to talk or need anything call me" Highwaij said,
he smilled as
he saw Cynan's face hearing his words. "For some good training programms you
got to
talk to Tail's here, she has some good Klingon training programms too"

then Highwaij turned to Soman "Drath don't you think it's Cyan's turn to buy
us some drinks"

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