[USS Vanguard] Watching a fight

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  • Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 11:38:47 -0700 (PDT)

She'ra heard the voice and recognized it.  She took
her mind off Jay and turned to look at Highwaij. A
fist hit her in the side of the head and she went
down, never taking her eyes off Highwaij.

Highwaij: Focus She'ra. Stop the anger!

Jay looked over at Highwaij and without a word grabbed
a nearby bat'leth and headed right for him.

She'ra: No! Jay stop! Don't hurt him!
Jay: I want to make him pay!

She'ra sprang up and ran after Jay. She grabbed his
shoulder right as he was in front of Highwaij.  

Highwaij: I am not Lt. Mandrake.

Jay looked from She'ra to Highwaij.  The crowd was now
groaning their dissappointment at the stopage of the

She'ra: Jay Maxfields, meet Lt. Highwaij
Jay: You mean you're not...? I'm sorry.

She'ra smiled at Highwaij and thought "thanks for not
hurting him."  Highwaij smiled at her, nodded and
shook Jay's out stretched hand.

After the introductions She'ra and Jay went back to
the fight.  The other Klingons were back to their
normal cheery moods...


Lt, (jg) She'ra Khan

OFF: hey highwaij don't stop the postings you have to
meet my brother.


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