[USS Vanguard] Watchful Eyes

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Counselor Jaav E'thexx
Counseling Suite
After:  The Ghost in the Machine

Jaav clasped his hands behind his back and paced his office.  He found times 
like this frustrating, until called for, a ship's counselor's place was at 
their station, a point that Jaav was quite content with the majority of the 
time, but at the point of crisis he often felt unsure as to how much help he 
could be to the rest of the crew if he remained out of the way.  

Jaav glanced over at the two, large, panels mounted into the wall of his 
office.  He had configured the computer to automatically display areas of key 
activity all over the ship in the event Red Alert was sounded.  This enabled 
Jaav to monitor crew stresses and behaviour while the Vanguard was involved in 
any potential situation.  It was necessary to ensure that the crew maintained 
their composure, demonstrating themselves to be the capable officers that they 
were.  The surveillance enabled any problems to be quickly identified and 
either dealt with or brought to the attention of the Captain.  

Jaav felt a dry lump in his throat, careful not to take too much of his 
attention away from the monitors, he moved over to the replicator and ordered a 
glass of chilled water.  Jaav then moved over to his seat, activating the 
terminal embedded in the adjacent desk, it blinked into activity.  He quickly 
initiated a computer search for any information pertinent to the psychology of 
the Borg, as a relatively undeveloped field his search was unlikely to be met 
with a great deal of success.  There was however, one article in particular 
that caught his eye "The Borg from Within - A summary of Borg behaviour", he 
tapped at it.  

Computer:  Kappa two clearance or above required to access this file...

Jaav sighed, he had been under the impression that the majority of information 
regarding the Borg had been classified, he felt inconvenienced by the 

E'thexx:  Computer...Recognise E'thexx, Lieutennant Junior Grade, authorisation 

The computer acknowledged the input and confirmed Jaav's security codes, the 
display presented the report, Jaav scrolled through the document until he 
reached a particular passage.  

"...amidst the immense power and malevolance of the cybernetically enhanced 
Borg, individuality is almost a meaningless concept, that is their weakness.  
To beat the Borg is to impress upon them that which we try to preserve in the 
face of their moral sterility.  In every instance the Borg collective 
consciousness has been damaged or disrupted in some way, isolated drones have 
proven to be vulnerable.  The collective struggles to make sense of sentient 
individualism, and it is this we need to use to our advantage..."

Jaav read the passage several more times, although not one for superstition, he 
felt an incredible sense of discomfort an unease.  Something within him told 
him that this encounter was not going to be quite as straightforward as the 
article might imply.  


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