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Petty Officer Craig Kavan
Private Quarters
0120 hours, during the bar fight.
The beep of the communicator pulled Craig awake from a very deep, restful 
sleep, and into an immediate state of irritation.  On a starship, a call at 
this hour usually signified some type of problem, often serious.  In his 
current assignment, what it meant was that one of the cadets he was assigned to 
as a "mentor" had done something stupid.
Craig wiped sleep out of his eyes as he pressed the "accept" button on the 
communicator.  The image that appeared didn't help his mood.  A rather 
sour-faced Lieutenant Junior Grade, most likely the Officer Of the Day (OOD) at 
the academy, immediately began shouting at Craig that a number of students were 
currently involved in a fight at a local bar.  
"And?"  Craig cut him off.  "Has security been notified?  Perhaps the San 
Francisco Police?  I think they can probably handle this.  It's not like the 
Cardassians are landing an assault force."  Craig realized that he was probably 
pushing the limits of courtesy, but damn it, don't call a man whose at home 
with his wife and child over trivialities.  As an afterthought, Craig added a 
too late "Sir."
"Petty Officer, you're on report as of now."  The "Junior" told him in a 
typical brand new officer "I'm better than you attitude."  The most action this 
kid had probably ever seen had been in a simulator and it was why he couldn't 
realize that cadets involved in a fight downtown was hardly newsworthy, and in 
the grand scheme of things it didn't matter a whole lot.  He thought about 
telling all of this to Junior while it was in his head but he decided better of 
Five minutes later found Craig and a security detachment beamed out front of 
the bar that "Junior" had told him about.
Craig double checked that his phaser was set on stun as he approached the 
building.  That was about the same time that a group of civilians came barging 
out the same door that Craig was about to open.  They were greeted by Petty 
Officer Kavan who stood his ground and allowed the civilians to filter out of 
the building on either side of him.  The San Francisco PD had arrived and was 
rounding up anyone not in a uniform.  Craig's responsibility was the cadets 
Entering the bar, Craig was greeted by the typical sights and sounds of a 
post-riot situation.  Tables smashed, glasses broken, a few people in heaps on 
the ground groaning.  Before getting married, Craig had certainly seen his 
share of these situations, now though he was just annoyed at being woken up in 
the middle of the night.
"Watch it Craig!"  One of his security escorts shouted as a Bolian began 
getting to his feet, a short knife still in one of his hands.  There was blood 
on it, that meant that the SFPD would want to chat with him.  Craig aimed his 
phaser at the man and squeezed of a short burst.  Stunned, the man slumped back 
down to the floor.
A few cadets had still been inside and had appeared to be making their way to 
the exits.  The distinct sound of the phaser, however, froze them in their 
"FALL IN!"  Craig shouted, barely containing his anger.  He wanted to line them 
up and knock their heads together.  As they fell in at attention, Craig began 
doing what had made the non-commissioned officer famous since the days of 
Alexander the Great.  He began a verbal tirade, the scope of which had never 
been heard.  He never repeated himself, and he only swore once or twice.  He 
spent his anger and his frustration on the cadets in the room and when he was 
done, he had them taken back to the dorms and locked in their rooms.  Had it 
been up to him, they'd all be in the brig, but Starfleet Academy had rules even 
for the security staff.
--During Cadet Santos' meeting with Captain Duff--
Much like the verbal tirade that Craig had given the cadets earlier that 
morning, Craig was on the recieving end of a similar, if much quieter exchange.
"Craig, you can't talk to an officer like that.  I don't care if he is an idiot 
and he did wake you up at one in the morning."
Master Chief Petty Officer Hardesty was the senior enlisted man stationed at 
the Academy.  He was Craig's boss, and he wasn't pleased with the report a 
certain young Lieutenant had given him that morning concerning Craig's 
"insubordinate tone" with him earlier.
"Master Chief," Craig began, "the guy was all stressed out over a little fight 
downtown.  What's going to happen when, err... IF he ever does a tour on a 
starship?  All I'm saying is that the 'Junior' needs to chill out a little bit."
"I don't disagree with you, but you need to work on hiding your irritation.  
This isn't a combat tour so what's important here is different from what's 
important 'out there.'  The officer in question will no doubt learn that the 
first time he does a tour near the Cardassian border..."  Hardesty sighed and 
sat back, running a hand through his gray hair in an exasperated way.  Then he 
changed the subject.
"I hear you gave those kids a pretty good dressing down this morning?"
Craig couldn't help but grin.  "I know that my Basic Instructor's would have 
been proud of me.  Mostly, I was pissed at getting woke up at one AM."
The older man leaned forward in his chair.  "The San Francisco PD also reported 
that the Bolian you apprehended has a history of assault.  Most often with a 
weapon of some type, meaning he'll be incarcerated for some time.  So in my 
mind and in the mind of the Academy Commandant apprehending a dangerous 
criminal evens out any disciplinary action that might have been taken against 
you for being a little too uh...  Shall we say free speaking?"
Craig breathed a quiet sigh of relief.  He was up for Chief soon and a strike 
on his record would have probably resulted in being passed over for promotion 
next year.
Hardesty continued, "But Craig, this is the only chance that you'll get from 
the 'Old Man.'  The Commandant runs a tight ship and he doesn't usually like it 
when people get out of line.  He expects it from the cadets, but we're supposed 
to set an example.  Just keep that in mind."
A few minutes later found Craig walking accross campusr toward Professor 
Lohan's class room.  As he passed a large tree, he saw a pair sitting beneath 
it in the shade.  Closer inspection revealed Cadet Santos, one of the students 
involved in the fight, and Ceelak?
Craig suddenly stopped.  How did he know her name?  He was suddenly positive 
that he'd never met her before...  Or had he?  He approached the tree.  When 
the pair noticed him Craig nodded by way of greeting to the cadet and then 
turned his attention to the woman sitting with him.
"Ceelak?"  Was all Craig could think to say.
The young lady's response nearly froze his blood.  It seemed so natural, and 
yet, it didn't seem real.
"Chief, where have you bee..."  
He saw it in her eyes.  The uncertainty, the feeling that something was not 
quite right.  He was absolutely positive that he knew her, but at the same time 
absolutely positive that they'd never met.  It didn't make any sense at all and 
Craig could see the same confusion on her face as well.
Petty Officer Craig Kavan

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