[USS Vanguard] WOOT!

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 09:35:13 -0400 (EDT)

As Jazz took him into her arms Highwaij felt good, whille they sat down 
their, he saw a smille on her face
she told him she needed a little donw time, before the party.
He looked at her "If you want it that way"he said as they kept sitting 
there, after a whille he jumped up
grapped Jazz and looked at her "Let's go, let's she wat else we can do 
on this ship"
"WOOT!" Jazz cheered with a pumped fist above her head as she and Highwaij ran 
out the door. She stopped as they were passing an ensign, "Hey party in the 
messhall in twenty minutes!" she told her.
The ensign smiled, "I'll be there," she told Jazz.
"Right on!" Jazz grinned.
"A party?" Highwaij asked as they were on their way again.
Jazz held his hand, "Sounds like fun! I think I will go that that party!"
She stopped a Lt, "Party in the messhall in Fifteen minutes!" 
The Lt. Looked as her as though she was out of her mind. She grinned at him, 
"WOOT!" she cheered and took off running down the corridor screaming about a 
party in the messhall!


Santiagrya "Cage" Mortikan
Weapons officer
USS Vixen

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