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Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
USS Vanguard
After: Brought to a boil

Jaav strolled down the corridor.  He was determined not to let Riajj beat him.  
Starfleet Medical has always taught that a Counselor should remain clinically 
detached when appropriate, not allow their clients or patients to affect there 
own lives to an extreme degree, but this was hard.  There was something 
inexplicable about Riajj that un-nerved the Vanguard's Senior Psychologist, and 
he could not explain it.  Santos had 'requested' that Riajj be assessed in 
greater depth.  Sometimes it was easier to go through with something when you 
had no choice.  

Jaav stopped at the entrance to the detention area.  Strangely the door did not 
open automatically as it should have done upon detecting his presence.  

'Must be a problem with the sensor,' Jaav thought to himself as he tapped at 
the manual door control.  The entrance parted, Jaav stepped in surprised by 
what he saw...

Instantly his heartbeat quickened and his mouth became dry.  The computer 
monitors were smashed, battered.  A bloodied Master-at-arms lay slumped against 
the terminal in a posture which made it clear he couldn't be alive.  He 
appeared to have been thrown against the bulkhead with force.  Jaav's horror 
quickly turned to panic in the split second he saw Aliyah Lopex-Fitzgerald 
convulsing against a desk.  Jaav rushed over to her, quickly removed the 
over-tunic of his uniform and rested it underneath her head as he eased Aliyah 
down onto the floor.  

"Medical Emergency team to the Holding Area NOW!"  Jaav's eyes darted over her 
body, she was bruised, badly, her neck was violet sore and swollen.  Jaav's 
eyes then shot around the room, realising that in his panic he'd not given a 
second thought to the holding cells...alll were vacant.  

"E'thexx to the Bridge.  Intruder Alert!"  Jaav sprinted over to a bulkhead and 
pulled a medical kit from the wall.  In a second he produced a Tricorder and 
passed it over Aliyah, it beeped urgently, emphasising her critical state.  In 
moments a security team of three arrived.  Jaav cursed whatever gods he could 
think of, wishing the medical team had turned up first.  Whilst two of the 
security officers checked and secured the room, the third knelt next to Jaav.  

"She's in neural shock, I can't explain it, her physical injuries aren't this 
severe!"  Jaav searched through the med kit frantically and grabbed out a 
hypospray and on orange vial.  "She needs sedating,"  Jaav jammed the hypospray 
against Aliyah's shoulder, within a moment she slumped to the ground.  Her fit 
had come to an end, shortly after the medical team arrived.

"Get her to sickbay!" Jaav couldn't help but bark out the order.  He watched as 
the medics slid her onto an anti-grav stretcher, stabilised her and began 
rushing her her way.  Jaav followed.  

"She was in critical neural shock, I gave her a tranquilizer, Metaprobanol.  
I'm not a medic, I wasn't sure what else to do."  The Emergency Nurse placed 
her hand on Jaav's shoulder.  

"It's okay Sir," she comforted, "You did the right thing, we'll take it from 
here."  Jaav stopped dead in the corridor watching as Fitzgerald was taken 


Sickbay, USS Vanguard.  

Santos, Soman and E'thexx stood in Droin's office, watching the main surgical 
biobed through the glass window.  Droin moved around it gracefully.  Picking up 
various instruments from the nearby equipment tray as she examined Aliyah who 
was sat upright, stunned.  Droin placed her equipment down back down on the 
table.  Smiling at Lopez-Fitzgerald as she did so, Droin touched her delicately 
on the shoulder before joining the other officers in her office.  As she 
entered Droin exhaled.   

"Physiologically she'll make a full recovery," Droin began, "She's suffered 
severe bruising, consistent with attempted strangulation.  There is other 
bruising and evidence of laceration.  She probably suffered these during impact 
as a result of her fit but I've completely treated the injuries.  It's her 
emotional wellbeing I'm most concerened about."

Santos raised an eybrow.  "Have you found an explanation for the convulsions?"  
he inquired.  Droin perched herself on her desk before she answered.  

"The Counselor and I have developed a solid theory to explain what happened.  
She's suffered a severe psychological trauma, one that manifested itself 
neuroligically.  She hasn't spoken since the event.  We've gathered as much 
data as we can but there seems to be only one likely explanation..."  Droin 
gestured towards Jaav, Santos turned to him, waiting for him to speak.  

"Captain, we believe that Aliyah was subjected to a very powerful and intense, 
forced mind meld.  Whatever thoughts and images she has received have exceeded 
her mental coping strategies.  She's become withdrawn, she's manifesting 
psychosis like symptoms.  She seems barely aware of us, she won't talk or 
respond." Jaav stopped, allowing his explanation to sink in and waiting for a 
response from his Captain. 

"And you believe that Riajj was the attacker?"
"Yes Sir.  All the scans match all the neurological trace markers we have from 
his prisoner file."

Soman spoke next,  "But he's not a Vulcan, he's a Romulan.  I didn't think they 
were capable of mind melds"
Droin fielded the statement, "He's a genetically modified Romulan, who knows 
what abilities they programmed into him, the Romulans have wanted to find a way 
to tap into their telepathic heritage for centuries."

"Commander Soman, Have we had any success in tracking Riajj?"

"No Sir, we have full security teams on every deck"

"Understood.  Arrange a security briefing as soon as possible, we *must* locate 
him," Santos turned to his Chief Medical Officer.  "Keep me uprised of Ensign 
Lopez-Fitzgerald's condition, see what you can do for her.  We will need to 
speak with her as soon as appropriate."  Droin nodded, but left quickly to 
respond to a minor alert this time at the Andorian's bed.  

Jaav looked his Captain in the eye and said nothing.  The pair had managed to 
forge a successful Captain-Counselor relationship over the  few years that they 
had served with one another, Santos knew that this was E'thexx requesting a 
'private audience' in a subtle way.  

"Walk with me Jaav..."

Tha Captain and Jaav E'thexx exited Sickbay and began moving stepping slowly 
toward the turbolift.  

To Be Continued...
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