[USS Vanguard] Under Siege

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Following "Tempus Fugitives"

Shortly after Falcon's hallucination the team regained their concentration and 
dealt with the leaking conduit, they managed to set up a small containment 
field around it, it wasn't much but it would hold it until they had the time to 
fix it properly.

Just as they finished up Zena's Comm chirped, it was the Captain requesting all 
teams to meet in Engineering.

Using the directions Soman had forwarded to her they set off to meet up with 
the others.

As they entered the corridor approaching Engineering Aliyah stopped in her 
tracks, the others stopped with her, she stared around silently

"Is everything alright Ensign?" Zena asked 

Jazz waved her hand in front of Alyiah's face but got no reaction

"Do you think she is hallucinating like Jazz did?" Highwaij asked suggestively

"I'm not hallucinating" Aliyah replied, her tone was low and distant "I feel 
something...another presence....like we're being followed almost" 

"We're on a ghost ship where strange unexplained thing's appear to of happened, 
understandably the place is going to feel a little creepy" Zena replied trying 
not to over react "Lets just stay close and keep on our guard huh? we're almost 
there now" She added

They continued to walk Zena tapped her Comm


"Quetan to Captain Santos," rang the communicator.

"Go ahead, lieutenant. Where are you?"

"We're approaching your location, on the engineering deck. We ran into
some...issues. But we're joining you now...stand by."

(end snip)

Zena didn't have time to tap her Comm to close the transmission, her eyes 
widened as she saw the creatures approaching them, everyone froze and waited in 
anticipation for some sign of what exactly the creatures intentions were, they 
shuffled closer there were three of them, they had a human figure although a 
lot larger in build, their faces were barely visible other than sharp teeth and 
red glaring eyes ...

Slightly hidden behind Jazz, Zena slowly reached for her phaser. The creatures 
stopped inches in front of them. There was a pause before the one that seemed 
to be fronting the trio let out a horrific screeching noise and it lunged 
forward taking a swing at Highwaij, "Stay close to each other! head towards 
Engineering!" Zena ordered and with no hesitation shot it's arm which made it 
screech even more, the others grabbed their phasers and began letting off 
shots, trying to walk/run backwards down the corridor.

One of the creatures jumped at Falcon knocking her to the floor, it sat on top 
her of it's breath steaming up her visor on her suit, Highwaij blasted it in 
the chest and it screeched retreating back a little, Aliyah grabbed Falcon's 
arm and pulled her up.

They reached the doors to Engineering which were closed tight "They're stuck!" 
Highwaij shouted as he tried to pry them open

"You mean we've just been backed into a dead end?!" Falcon exclaimed

"Stun isn't working" Aliyah said stating the obvious

"I see that...We have no choice, Adjust your phasers to full..." Zena did not 
like this option but at this point it was the creatures or them...

Moments later and the creatures were gone...

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