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Lt. JG Roch "Reaper" Chase
Intell Officer

Title: Left Hanging

After: Playing Detective

Engineering looked as though it was hit by a Photon
torpedo.  Roch wished he was a part of the team that
was fighting to protect the vessel. He then thought
better of it. It seemed the crew was all dead. That
was not something that he wanted to be at that precise

Soman: Alright people, let's get to work!

Roch walked to a console and began working. If he
remembered his training correctly, this should be less
fraustrating. He work silently.  His fingers dancing
over the smoothe surface. But as nothing happened he
began to realize that the consoles of the Tomoga was
nothing like a standard starfleet vessel. 

E'thexx: Nothing.This ship is different from anything
I've ever seen. What do you think Mandrake.

There was a silent pause before the Vanguard's conn
officer replied.

Mandrake: I have to agree with you. and I have flown
alot of different vessels.

Qbed: That's what they all say.

Roch could feel Qbed trying to lighten the mood of
failure that hung in the air. They were working as
fast as they could and still nothing. Roch flexed his
muscles and braced himself on the edge of the console
and stared down at it. A small beeping sound began and
Roch looked around. Soman had his tricoder in his hand
and was scanning around them.

E'thexx: Found something?

Roch didn't answer. He wanted to be sure.

Mandrake: Well, did you?

Roch stared down at the console and started at it
again. Soman was now over his shoulder.

Roch: All I gat is a sound. I wouldn't call that

They all went back to work silently. 

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