[USS Vanguard] [USS Vanguard]Dancing the night away

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Roch knew that he was holding her too tight for just
two people dancing, but he didn't care. He liked the
feel of her. As they moved across the dance floor he

Roch: I didn't know Klingons were this light on their
She'ra: Yeah well. there are things that no one knows.
Roch: I hear you.

He didn't want the song to end but when it did he let
her go and they walked back to their table. She looked
distracted but there was nothing he could do. He did
not want to impose.

Roch: Would you like me to walk you back to your
quarters now? You look a little tire.

She gave him a weak smile and got up.

Sher'ra: Thank you Lt.
Roch: It's Roch, but you can call me Reaper.


Lt. (jg) Roch "Reaper" Chase
Intel Officer

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