[USS Vanguard] [USS Vanguard]A replicator with an attitude

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She'ra smiled as he left and walked into her room. A few  minutes later she was 
out. She headed to her office and sat down.
She'ra: Computer, begin recording. Hey Jay. I'm back on the ship. Listen, take 
care of Jek'ka for me alright? Anyways. I'm just sending this to let you know 
that I am fine and that I will be back for a re-match. Don't let the fact that 
you beat me the last time get to your head. In fact, that didn't count. I was 
distracted! Well take good care of yourselve and I hope to see you soon. Love 
you lots.
After telling the computer what to do with the message, She'ra walked over to 
the replicator.
She'ra: Ice-cream.
Computer: Please specify flavor.
She'ra: Perfect, what's next.
Computer: Perfect, what is next is not a flavor.
She'ra's temper broiled.
she'ra: I  know that you sardine can! Chocolate alright!
There was a chime and the ice cream appeared. She took it over to the window 
and shoveled a spoonful into her mouth. She sat down on the window sill and 
closed her eyes to savour the taste. Images of him were coming back and for the 
first time that evening, She'ra allowed her mind to remember him. 
She'ra: Mandrake. If the elements don't get to you, you are a dead man walking.
Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan

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